Astikoor [Horse Carts]



This mod adds a horse cart that can be attached to a rideable entity (horse, donkey, ...), contain stuff (equal to a double chest) and can even be ridden by a player! The amount of stuff on the back of the cart changes depending on how many slots of the carts inventory you fill.

Furthermore, this mod adds a plow that can be used to turn dirt into farmland and coarse dirt into dirt.


Currently supported languages:

- German (Deutsch)

- English



To attach or deattach the cart or plow, you have to be riding on a rideable entity (not all rideable entities work) and hit the action key once. (Default is "R", can be changed in options). The closest cart or plow within 3 blocks will then be attached to your horse.

You can sit on the back of the cart by right clicking it.

If you want to open the carts inventory, just sneak while right clicking it.

The cart can also be destroyed by hitting it multiple times. All items will be dropped on the ground.


Plows can be toggled. To enable the plowing mode, simply right click the plow. If you wish to stop plowing, right click the plow again.


Known issues:

- cart stutters on every entity update (every 20 ticks, the cart moves for twice the distance and is set back to the intended position) (fixed in 1.0.0)

- cargo isn't being shown when the inventory hasn't been opened yet (fixed in 0.0.3)

- wheels turn forward while the cart is moving backwards (fixed in 0.0.2)

- game crashes when no block was right-clicked with the item (fixed in 0.0.2)

- cart can't be destroyed (fixed in 0.0.2)





Crafting Recipes (any wooden fence/plank works):





Upcoming Features (v1.1.0)


- multi-horse carts (moved to v1.2.0)

- steer a horse while sitting on the cart itself

- release of the source code, (API)

- config to set which entities can pull carts

- (new textures)

- horses attached to carts will no longer wander around

- plow will have a slot for a hoe that loses durability while plowing, but will till 3 blocks instead

- (variants for all vanilla planks)

- cart disconnects only when a solid block is between the cart and the horse (better for laggy servers and fast entities)

- fall damage


Carts (these will be default along with the current carts, that can be disabled in a config file)

- chariot (a fast cart for a single person without storage, pulled by 2 horses 1 horse)

- stagecoach (6 or 8 seats, double chest storage, will be slow, pulled by 2 horses 1 horse)

- open carriage (5 seats, without storage, pulled by 1 horse)

- carriage (5 seats 2 seats, single double chest storage, pulled by 2 horses 1 horse)

- new plow with seat (pulled by 1 horse)


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