This modpack is mainly about playing with magic and exploration but you can do much more!



Feature mods like:



  • Botania, technical and magic mod that involves around flowers.
  • Pengus Lost Thaumaturgy, mod that recreates Thaumcraft 2
  • Blood Magic, about like the name say blood magic
  • Tinkers Construct, for creating new weapons and tools
  • Better Foliage, makes your world look a lot beautiful
  • Alternative Terrain Generation, different world generation that looks a lot better than vanilla
  • Aether Legacy, mod that creates new dimension in the skies
  • Astral Sorcery, magical mod about stars
  • Chisel and bits, for your decorating needs!
  • Embers, dwarven magic mod that has beautiful effects
  • Journey Map, so you wont get lost
  • Metamorph, allows you to change into different creatures
  • Pams Harvestcraft, adds a lot of different foods and trees
  • Recurrent Complex, gives minecraft world more life with new buildings and structures 
  • Just Enough Items, for recipes so you dont have to google anything
  • and many more!






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