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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8



## 3.0.4 - 6/1/2018
### Runtime Changes
* Added: Slot validation for centrifuge
* Added: Slot validation for extractor
* Added: Fluid wrench support to centrifuge
* Added: Fluid wrench support to extractor

* Added: death mechanic for radiation, entities will take radiation damage until dead.

* Changed: Radiation death point from 1000 to 10000

* Fixed: Slot validation for boiler
* Fixed: ThermalExpansion recipes loading without the mod
* Fixed: Map data clearing on player death (caused by game unloading chunks while moving the player)

### Development Changes

## 3.0.3 - 6/1/2018
### Runtime Changes
* Added: Wrench color orange
* Added: Orange color for energy slots
* Added: insert limits to boiler slots
* Added: colors to all processing slots
* Added: tooltips for all processing slots

* Added: wrench recipe
* Added: thermal expansion compatibiliy recipes

* Added: config to disable base recipes

* Changed: slot types for processing machines to match expected input

* Fixed: processing machine models being slightly in the ground causing z-fighting
* Fixed: NEI showing 16 turbines

### Development Changes
* Added: Orange to WrenchColor enum for output slots
* Added: ISlotToolTip
* Added: handling for ISlotToolTip to auto add tooltips to GUI from slots

* Added: override to disable base recipes
* Added: override to disable repacement items for recipes
* Added: helper methods for getting recipe items

## 3.0.2 - 5/30/2018
### Runtime Changes
* Added: Configs for content & features
* Added: Settings to disable radiation system
* Added: ISidedInventory support (hopper and pipe support) for reactor cores
* Added: Mechanic to move lowest time rod to bottom of reactor stack
* Added: Damage display to fuel rods
* Added: Display info to fuel rods
* Added: particles to show machines runing
* Added: particles to show when machine finishes a recipe
* Added: particles to show when reactor is running
* Added: Gui edge colors to tanks and slots
* Added: wrench (adjustor) with:
Modes: Rotation, items, fluids, redstone
Colors: green, yellow, red, blue, purple
* Added: tooltip for tanks

* Improved: handling of entity item radiation tracking

* Fixed: GUI localizations
* Fixed: NPE when checking if can output fluids from processing machines
* Fixed: Fuel rods being usable beyond time limit (timer going negative)
* Fixed: Inventory stack size on reactor core (now 1, instead of 64)
* Fixed: Fluid cells not emptying into processing machines
* Fixed: Boiler recipe consuming 1mb waste instead of 1000mb

### Development Changes
* Added: check if a fluid or itemstack was supported by a recipe
* Added: call backs to recipe to allow items and fluids into processing machines

* Renamed: tank fields to reduce confusion

## 3.0.1
### Changes
Full rewrite not based on the code from 1.6.4, 1.5.2, or Resonant Induction versions

Following is a list of content created for the version. As this is an initial release of the rewrite. Which does not include all content as the focus was on a minimum viable product.

### New
* thermal system -> stores heat values
* thermal mechanics -> spreads heat via a thread
* radioactive material map -> stores radioactive material values
* radiation map -> stores radiation values
* radiation mechanics -> calculates radiation from sources
* radiation damage -> harms entities from radiation

* Waste recovery mechanics -> all processing machines generate waste

* Contaminated Mineral Solution -> Byproduct of ore processing
* Contaminated Mineral Water -> Byproduct of hexafluoride processing
* Contaminated Water -> Byproduct of processing waste and output of reactor
* Reactor Waste -> Replaces toxic waste from old mod. Also output of reactor

* Toxic Mineral Waste -> byproduct of reducing toxic fluids into a solid. Contains some minerals as dust and can be refined into dust
* Toxic Waste -> byproduct of reducing toxic fluids into a solid

* Dust loot table -> used in the extractor for for Toxic Mineral Waste processing.

* Recipe objects -> all processing machines support adding new recipes

* Configs -> mod is heavily customizable with most options being exposed.

### Recreated
* Protective armor
* Fission reactor core
* Extractor + recipes
* Boiler + recipes
* Centrifuge + recipes
* Fuel rod
* Breeder Rod
* U235 Pellet
* U238 Pellet
* Heat probe
* Fluid Cells
* Yellocake
* Uranium Ore
* Turbines
* Steam Funnel

### Removed
* Old heat system -> used too much CPU
* Old events -> used too much CPU
* Potion effects -> didn't allow for good gameplay and potion IDs are limited
* Reactor explosion -> will be replaced by a meltdown event and hydrogen explosions
* Dependency on large lib -> mod is standalone to improve user experience
* Localizations -> part of rewrite, can't tell if they are valid

### Old content
* All models and textures are from the old mod.
* Models have been updated as .obj from .techne
* A few textures have been fixed
* Some textures have been added

### Changes
* No old code is being used beyond a few interfaces from VoltzEngine (previously ResonantEngine which the mod used)

* All processing recipes produce waste

* Heat is no longer actively released from reactor. Being replace with a more static system that calculated heat, spreads, and then cached heat to reduce CPU usage.

* Radiation is no longer a potion effect. It is now handled via its own system.

* Radioactive blocks are no longer used. Radioactive material can now be applied to all blocks, items, and entities.

* Steam is no longer generated by events. Instead it is calculated based on thermal system.

* Turbines and steam funnel no longer use events to get steam. Values are calculated and cached based on map data.

* Fluid cells are no longer simple items. Any cell that used a fluid is now a fluid container. This allows any fluid to be stored.

* Dark-matter was replaced with strange matter. This was the original name of the item and matched better with current science understanding.

* Antimatter & Strange matter are now fluids. Both can be stored but are limited to powered fluid cells.

* Turbines will create a new tile per power system. This is to reduce complexity required to support several power systems on a single class.