300+ Mods 800+ Quests. Long Play. Magic & Tech. Semi-Hardcore. Truly 100% Unique! - With custom world gen, ores and mobs. Tons of mod integration/recipes.

Please do not PM issues or bugs, they will be ignored. Read the FAQ. Thanks. 

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"The challenges actually make sense, it's so immersive" - LadyHana, (AKA Mrs Wyld) Twitch.

"Of the packs that I'm currently playing, this is my favorite one to play" - Kmartinator, Twitch.

"One of the best packs I have ever played" - Treqor, Twitch.

Awakening modpack aims to be a pack unlike any other. It is designed to be a long term use pack e.g. for a long Minecraft let’s play series or just an everyday pack to keep you playing for a long time, with over 300 mods and well over 800 quests (and growing). Say no to defaults! Nearly every mod and config in this pack has been edited or modified to make them work better together. The ultimate idea of the pack is to integrate mods together so well that you wouldn’t know they were ever meant to be separate. Is this the most highly customized and ambitious modpack ever made? Probably. Try it and see for yourself.

Note: This is a pretty heavy pack. You will need a fairly decent computer to run it. I would recommended setting your RAM to 4-6GB (but no more) in the Curse/Twitch launcher settings. Servers should have a minimum of 3GB of RAM, but ideally 4GB or more for the best experience. Pack also requires Java 8 (do not use an older or newer version). A performance guide can be found (HERE).

A 'lite' version of the pack can be found (HERE). This pack is functionally the same in terms of progression, quests, etc. simply with some client-side removals for smoother performance.

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Q. What state is the pack currently in?

A. There are currently 2 version of the pack; '2.x.x Stable' - is now in final release and should be very stable and pretty much bug free. Initial world load can be slow if you don't use Optifine simply because of the complex world gen and huge number of mods. FPS will stabilize after a few minutes and should run well on mid to high end computers. '3.x.x BETA' - is a test build for the next mayor release, it is recommended only for testing at this point.

Q. Can I use this modpack to record a YouTube/Twitch etc. series?

A. If you use this modpack for a let’s play, please let me know (although not necessary). I would love to link to it in this thread. Other than that go for it!

Q. The pack keeps failing to download/update or times out?

A. This is an error with the Twitch launcher and, unfortunately, beyond my control. It seems to happen mostly on poor or low speed internet connections. Please try downloading the pack at another time. Or alternatively try the 'lite' version of the pack, which is functionally the same minus a few aesthetic client-only features. It can be found (HERE).

Q. Can I setup a server to play with friends?

A. Sure! Dedicated server release is now available, just look under the 'Additional Files' section after choosing the version you want to use (HERE).

Q. Is there a server I can play on?

A. There are usually open servers advertised on the Discord (HERE). There is also a Patreon server, more info on this can be found (HERE).

Q. Can I redistribute or modify this pack?

A. You may NOT under ANY circumstance redistribute this pack or claim it as your own. Derivative works are also forbidden. You may ONLY modify the pack for PERSONAL use. For more information please read the full license (HERE).

Q. Could you please add [VeinMiner/Blood Magic/Mod XYZ]?

A. The mods chosen and used in this pack are carefully chosen and modified for balance. Some mods upset this balance, others cause conflicts with current mods or performance issues. You are welcome to add mods yourself; however, you may ONLY modify the pack for PERSONAL use. For more information please read the license (HERE). Please note that no support can be provided for a modified pack, do so at your own risk.

Q. I’ve found a bug, where should I report it?

A. All bugs should be reported to the issue tracker (HERE). If you want help with other issues, the Discord is the best place to get help, it can be found (HERE).

Q. Are you going to update the pack from 1.7.10 to *.*.*?

A. Simply put; no. The pack is an ongoing labor of love and as you will know if you have played it, it goes much further than any other pack out there when it comes to customization. That takes time, lots of time, and wasting time porting to new builds of Minecraft means less time developing the pack. Please stay tuned to Twitter (HERE) for updates.

Q. As 1.7.10 is out of date now is the pack no longer updated?

A. The pack will continue to receive updates for as long as I am still enjoying working on it, regardless of the current 'latest' Minecraft version. I believe this pack to be the most updated pack on Curse/Twitch in the number of updates it has had since initial upload.

Q. Why do I get really good loot from loot bags, I think it breaks progression?

A. Loot bags are purposefully designed to have a chance to get good items so people actually enjoy getting them. They are purposefully balanced to give good rewards without including items key for progression. That said, I do plan to tweak in a future update.

Q. Where is the lexica botania why is it disabled?

A. As the pack makes significant changes to recipes and other mechanics. The lexica botania was removed due to it showing 90% incorrect information. It was just causing confusion for players. All botania information is thoroughly detailed in the quest books magic sections.

Q. The sky flashes or displays strangely when I use shaders?

A. The botania garden of glass skybox is known to cause issues with some shaders. Notably a flashing skybox. If you are having this issue, you can either turn off sky rendering in video settings or disable it by editing \config\Botania.cfg and changing the line B:fancySkybox.enable= from true to false. A shaders guide can be found (HERE).

Q. Where is the best place to chat about the pack?

A. Discord (HERE).

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L8Games - Minecraft:



Froggy and Phenix:


Mr Patriotic:



Mr. Ivern:

Xeneros Gaming:

The Sheriff:



Canny Gamer:


The Raven's Flight:



Biomes Bar

Tired of the same old world gen?

Biomes are varied but not overly hard to find. Awakening modpack uses a set of biomes from Vanilla, Biomes O Plenty, Thaumcraft and the Highlands mod. These have however been edited using Climate Control. Biome sizes have been reduced giving more variation over a smaller area. Certain biomes have been removed and custom tree spawning has been setup so you shouldn’t have multiple variants of the same trees/woods. Rivers have been widened to allow for more bridge building as well as having flowing streams both above and below ground using the Streams mod. Underground variation is catered for by Underground Biomes Constructs and WTF Cave Biomes not to mention a completely overhauled ore generation and mob depth system (more on this later). Want to build your home on a flying mountain? No problem!



Key mods used here:

Biomes O Plenty
Climate Control
Big Trees
My World Gen
Underground Biomes Constructs
WTF Cave Biomes

Mobs Bar

Tired of the same old mobs?

Awakening modpack was designed to be a challenge but not too hardcore. We wanted a variety of mobs but not an abundance of OP mobs. We wanted the player to be scared like that first night the first time you played Minecraft, but not constantly terrified for their life. Mobs spawn more frequently but are more dangerous at depth. Mobs also have custom drops using the Mob Properties mod. Plus, there are a few hidden mini bosses that you will have to try and find…


Key mods used here:

Dungeon Mobs
Project Zulu
Just Another Spawner
Mystical Mobs
AI Improvements
Nightmare Creatures II
Lava Monsters
Mob Properties

Ores Bar

Tired of the same old ores?

Minecraft is a game about crafting and mining right? Well let’s be honest the mining part can get boring especially if there are only a few different ores to find. Luckily Awakening completely overhauls the mining experience with more ores, gems and other goodies than you can shake a stick at! 65 overworld mineables, 27 nether mineables and 4 end mineables (at last count) will keep you digging them holes for weeks, and that’s not even counting all the different stone, sand, dirt, grass and gravel types to dig up. Harder ores are setup to be rarer so you will have to search for them but not too hard (remember ore is plentiful down deep where the stronger monsters lurk). Uni Dict helps make sure you only get one type of each material, no more three different kinds of copper after you run it through your machines.


Key mods used here:

UBC Ore Registrar
Uni Dict
WTF Ores

Adventure Bar

Custom dungeons with custom mobs hidden throughout the overworld and the nether with give adventurers plenty to do. Custom chest loot and mob drops also mean chests aren’t just filled with useless crap, and are actually exciting to find.


Key mods used here:

Doomlike Dungeons
Project Zulu
Dungeon Mobs
Custom Chest Loot
Loot Bags

Building Bar

Budding builders will have a raft of materials at their disposal. With many varying stone and wood types throughout the world, not to mention Chisel, Wallpaper Craft and Ztones, you will have no trouble building whatever you can imagine. Don’t forget to decorate with Decocraft, interiors can look as good as exteriors. And with Architecture Craft and Carpenters Blocks to play with you don’t just have to use boring blocks anymore!

Key mods used here:

Architecture Craft
Little Tiles
Wallpaper Craft
Carpenters Blocks

Farming Bar

Ever find yourself just running around with a stack of bread in your inventory for food? Well no more. Awakening opts for a slightly harder food system, but not one that is annoying or massively hardcore or time consuming. The idea is that you will want to craft different foods rather than being forced to. Food variation comes from Pam’s Harvestcraft, with food settings being setup by Apple Core and The Spice of Life. For the rancher, animals will eat food left on the ground. Many animals start off wild and must be bred to improve their level of domestication and drops.

Key mods used here:

Pam’s Harvestcraft
Apple Core

Hunger Overhaul
The Spice of Life
Improving Minecraft
Magical Crops

TechMagic Bar

Tech and magic go hand in hand in this pack. You will need to follow both paths to build many things in the pack.

Key mods used here:

Thermal Expansion
Immersive Engineering
Applied Energistics 2
Minefactory Reloaded
+ many more!

Crafting Bar

Custom crafting is designed to merge mods together, requiring items from a mixture of mods. This is designed to get people to try mods they may not have used before but not to be overly difficult. Remember to use NEI as many recipes may be changed (WIP).

Key mods used here:

Not Enough Items
Mod Tweaker
INpure Core
Craft Tweaker

Mod List Bar

3rd Party Mods:
  • Project Zulu
  • FastCraft
  • Damage Indicators

*All screenshots were taken during BETA development and may vary from newer releases.

Note: This pack contains Fastcraft, by Player, enabled by default. Fastcraft enhances Minecraft with increased performance. Bug reports being made directly to Mod Authors should state Fastcraft is enabled.


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