Baby Animals Model Swapper

A mod created by cocoavalley, updated by me.

Until further notice, I will no longer be updating these mods. A lot has changed in the past year ... Perhaps one day if/when the fabled official API is released I will be able to revive these projects in a more sustainable way. Until then, however, there will be no more official updates. I'm glad so many, many, people have enjoyed them :)

I'm leaving links to the very latest source javas. Squickens files are from 1.6.4 but probably don't need much changing. The model swapper files are not standalone, they are core class modifications. There are some fancy things in the unofficial APIs that can probably be used to insert the code at runtime and make the model swapper more compatible. Someone who knows what they are doing should able to very easily get them working in any version, and probably better than I ever could.


Replaces the vanilla baby models with the models created for the original Baby Animals Mod. Model Swapper does not have any of the functionality of the Baby Animals mod, it only changes the look of the baby animals. You still interact with them the same way as you would the vanilla animals.

Mod Pack Permission

You don't need it! Please feel free to include the mod in your mod packs!


Thanks cocoavalley, NWizUnicorn, cybrbeast, MadTortle and others for the following videos!


  • cocoavalley: Original developer
  • ExtraSpicy: Bunny models


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