[Suggestion] Speed upgrade only provides acceleration forwards #31

  • Pixelmod created this issue May 19, 2016

    This is a gimmick I see in a lot of mods and this bothers me.


    When wearing a Speed upgrade on the Belt, I only seem to go faster if I go forwards.
    While this isn't a behavior I've never seen before (looking at you, TiC), and is a quite justifiable one (the player can only sprint forwards), I would have expected something that goes more like the Speed potion effect, so that I can have better air control mid-jump.


    If this is doable, a config option to choose the behavior of this upgrade would be neat.

  • dogegamingboy posted a comment May 19, 2016

    Speed upgrade is better in 1.7.10 version. I currently have some problems porting this stuff :( 

  • dogegamingboy posted a comment Aug 3, 2017

    In version 4.0 (for 1.12 ) speed upgrade will work for all directions ^^

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