[1.10.2] Loss of texture when removing upgrades from any charged item #46

  • b0bst3r created this issue Nov 15, 2016

    To replicate:

     - make/get belt

     - add an upgrade

     - charge up in Exp Gen

     - remove upgrade


    The result is loss of texture http://i.imgur.com/eyiYW11.png

    If the item (belt/necklace/ring) does not contain any charge then the texture is normal when an upgrade is removed.


    Also can you see about fixing removed upgrades, they can fly an extraorindary amount of distance (the removed stones), can it be changed to put them straight into your inventory?

  • dogegamingboy posted a comment Nov 16, 2016

    Restarting Minecraft should help.

    Edited Nov 16, 2016

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