[1.10.2] Flight in SMP is bizarre #47

  • b0bst3r created this issue Nov 15, 2016

    Not sure what's going on with SMP flight, you double tap space and you go up then kinda wobble back down to the ground, it's very trippy lol.  Doesn't occur in SSP though so you need a server to try it out on.



  • doomsquirter posted a comment Dec 30, 2016

    I am on the same server as b0bst3r above.  same pack, etc.  Noticed the same thing.


    In addition, playing  a pack atm that is a bunch of mods thrown together and have same version of baublestuff but playing in SSP.


    I'm noticing that same behavior there as well.  It's VERY obvious when you are flying already, then quickly double tap space to fall to the ground. 


    90% of the time, you shake/wobble as if you are stuck in a solid object, then slowly fall then fall normally. 


    The creative flight from before you added the BSU did not have this problem, so it's most likely some delay because of same?

    Edited Dec 30, 2016
  • _ForgeUser29136018 posted a comment Sep 23, 2017

    Never been fixed, still a problem nine months later

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