Infinite mystical white flowers via plant harvest upgrade from Baubles Stuff #51

  • _ForgeUser6036712 created this issue Jan 29, 2017

    With a ring with the Baubles Stuff upgrade Plant Harvest Upgrade, it will infinitely harvest Mystical White Flowers from Botania. It surprised me at first, and then didn't repeat, but I figured out that if there is a vine hanging down on top of the mystical flower, it causes it to infinitely harvest. Yay swamps I guess.
    The most interesting part is if you have a different color mystical flower, you place it underneath the hanging vine, and then it kicks the non-white one out, replaces it with a white one, and then infinitely harvests white flowers.

    Please see crappy video:


    For analysis and root cause (Botania person found the Baubles Stuff code causing interaction):

  • dogegamingboy posted a comment Jul 31, 2017

    That's so strange :)

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