Bbepc (aka. beyond Belief Engine) started creation back in Aug 2015 by Daniel Rodriguez Moya. He has given me permission to update this shaders and to upload it here for everyone here to enjoy. Updates come out on the discord before they come here.



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This Seus modification is a total overhaul adding;

  • Wet Effect (reflections off tiles when it rains)
  • Volumetric clouds (soon)
  • Motion blur
  • A more gentle and natural seeming coloration of lighting both day and night
  • Improved water
  • Depth of field (DOF)
  • Slower waving leaves and moving clouds
  • Works on new Nvidia drivers!! (In v1.1+)


  • Ignore the gbuffers_weather message. It does not effect anything.
  • may not work on newer Nvidia drivers as far as I am aware (I am using driver version 314.22 on the 550ti please comment your results on newer cards/drivers) Fixed in V1.1
  • Witchery mod werewolf mode messes with lens flare and haze
  • Will not display red effect from Random things bloodmoons and can cause the screen to go black at certain heights during the event
  • Textures go black when using Nvidia GTX 10 series seems to be fixed with new drivers
  • Conquest textures loading weird in 1.12 (not tested on older versions)



Various Bug fixes.


Fixed white screen issue on Nvidia cards with newer drivers.


Added: Rain water effects on blocks and other misc. effects (I forgot what I all did)


Initial release by Daniel




Original version (v0.5 "lite")



 Someone asked this on discord and I shall clarify this here. This shaderpack works with any minecraft version that has shaders mod.


Official modpack using this shader pack:




Daniel (original edits to Seus)

Sonic Either (for base)



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