Better Diving

Better Diving

Overhaul of the vanilla diving experience modeled on the game Subnautica.


Note: Newer versions may be incompatible with worlds created with older versions! Questions and other comments on the Project Page please! When posting issues there please use a spoiler for your crash report. I also set up a GitHub Page where you can post issues.




No automatic sinking.

You swim in the looking direction instead of just straight forward. So if you look upwards you will swim upwards.

Swimming at the surface doubles swimspeed penalities and bonuses.

Minimum and maximum swimspeed limits.


You can dive for 45 seconds with taking one deep breath of air.

Every level of the Respiration enchantment allows you to stay 15 seconds longer under water (up to +45 seconds).

Every 30 blocks below surface oxygen efficiency is decreased and so you consume more oxygen (the next air block over the player is counted as the surface).

 breaking Blocks

Breaking blocks under water works at 60% of normal efficiency.

With the Aqua Affinity enchantment you break blocks underwater at 80% efficiency.

new Items

There are currently 3 versions of each item. A basic version. An improved version for increased perks. And a reinforced versions with more armor points.


Diving Masks:

Removes the water block overlay when diving. Needed for diving with Oxygen Tanks.

With the improved version you can dive at normal efficiency at depths greater than 30 blocks.


Oxygen Tanks:

Hold oxygen for longer dive sessions. Wearing slightly decreases the players swimspeed.


Wetsuit Leggings:

Wearing wetsuit leggings improve the players breakspeed under water. 



Increase the swimspeed of the player.

visual Changes

Custom oxygen display.


Altered fog while diving.

Diving deeper increases fog density.

During night fog gets more dense and turns darker.



Generates between y=30 and y=44. Used in crafting recipes. Grows seeds which also are used for crafting.



Just deco.


Limestone Outcrop:

Breaking it drops Titanium (60% chance) or Copper Ore (40% chance).


Sandstone Outcrop:

Breaking it drops Titanium (70% chance) or Silver Ore (30% chance).



  • expand Config file
  • custom Oxygen display
  • more items from Subnautica (like a flashlight)



You can use my mods in any modpacks as long as you do not intend to make money with them.



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