Better Sprinting

Better Sprinting is a client mod that gives you more control over sprinting, sneaking, and flying.


List of Features

- Sprint Hold key with an obvious function
- Sprint Toggle key which toggles between sprinting and walking
- Sneak Toggle key which toggles sneaking (opening GUIs makes you stand up until you close it)

- Option to turn on/off double tapping W
- Flying speed boost when holding sprint key in creative mode
- Option to fly when touching the ground in creative mode
- Option for sprinting in all directions in singleplayer
- Ability to easily disable all features of the mod if it's banned on a server

- Quickly access Better Sprinting settings in-game using O key
- Slowly access Better Sprinting settings from the Controls menu
- Optional update notifications (checked at most once a day)

- The mod can also be installed on a server, and the /bettersprinting admin command lets you enable special features or automatically disable the mod on client side when people join
- If you don't have a Forge server, you can read all about implementing your own mod/plugin to benefit from the features


Installation Guide


  1. Download and run Forge installer
  2. Select Install client, and click OK
  3. Start the Minecraft Launcher
  4. Click the green arrow next to Play, and select the Forge profile
  5. Click Launch options, select the Forge profile, and click the arrow next to Game directory
  6. Open (or create) a folder named mods in the opened folder
  7. Download Better Sprinting and place the file into the mods folder


  1. Download and run Forge installer
  2. Select Install server, don't forget to change the installation folder, and click OK
  3. Open (or create) a folder named mods in the server folder
  4. Download Better Sprinting and place the file into the mods folder
  5. Start the server by running forge-<version>.jar

Old Versions

  • Better Sprinting for Minecraft versions between 1.2.5 - 1.8 are available in the archive
  • If you experience a mod conflict, try installing PlayerAPI Core (only applies to Minecraft 1.12.1 and older)
  • In 1.7.10, vanilla clients cannot join Forge servers; if you install the mod on a 1.7.10 server, your users will need to install Forge (the mod itself is not required)


License / Modpacks

Official files released after 12 June 2019 are licensed under MPL-2.0, which allows you to use them in modpacks.

To verify, open the .jar file in an archive program, view the included LICENSE file, and ensure the first line reads Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.

If the LICENSE file is missing, you must follow Hardcore Ender Expansion 1's License and Modpack Guidelines.


External Links

GitHub | My Website | Twitter | Patreon | Ko-Fi



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