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To put it simply, Better With Mods is a personal passion project.

It is a reimagining of the FlowerChild's Better Than Wolves mod, adapting and adding content based on updates made by Mojang. (Note: Better Than Wolves is still in development, this is just an attempt to expand on the basic ideas the mod presents.)




Currently, this main idea of this mod is to be a cohesive port of the major features in the original mod, while keeping the concepts up to date with the latest changes to minecraft, as well as keeping other mods in mind to have the best experience with both worlds.

Better with Mods is separated into two sections, the Core Content and the Feature System.


You can find documentation for this mod at or in-game using the Better With Mods Manual ( created using RTFM.)


Core Content

This section of the mod includes all the blocks and items require to play pre-hardcore era Better Than Wolves.


It includes:

  • Hemp farming
  • Mechanical Power
  • Pottery
  • Aesthetic Blocks
  • Redstone Devices 
  • And more

This content is always available in the mod and cannot be disabled


The Feature System

The other section of this mod is the Feature System, which follows the same model as the mod Quark,

having dynamic and highly configurable Features that are mostly independent of each other.

This Feature System currently has two Modules:

  • The Hardcore Module - This module adds all the game changing features from the original mod that make Minecraft more challenging and to some more rewarding. Some of the Features in this
  • module include:
    • Hardcore Beds
    • Hardcore Armor
    • Hardcore Buckets
    • Hardcore Buoy
    • Hardcore Gloom
    • Hardcore Endermen
    • Hardcore Hunger
    • Hardcore Spawn
    • Hardcore Lumber
    • And many more
  •  The Tweak Module  - This adds small changes to the game that make it more convenient or useful. Features in include:
    • Axes break leaves
    • Creeper Shearing
    • Dung
    • Easy Breeding
    • Eggs drop Food
    • All Mob Equipment drops
    • Head drops
    • Improved Animal Flee
    • Limited Nether and Slime Spawning
    • Monster Spawners generate Moss
    • Renewable Endstone through Endermen farming
    • Sinkholes
    • And More 


  This mod is also putting an emphasis on compatibility with other mods.

  • Native JEI support
  • 1.12 and above CraftTweaker support in ModTweaker, earlier is native.
  • With AppleCore install HCHunger is available
  • When CTM is enabled HCStrata properly changes the stone texture based on level


Twitter (more a promotion channel, usually for screenshots)




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