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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


Expecting at least some major bugs, so this is a beta :P


* Add HCSaplings
       * Make saplings start as ungrow seeds that are full grown to the normal vanilla sapling.

* Add Nethercoal Block (don't worry it doesn't take any new block ids)

* Add Wool Armor
* Low Durability, Leather tier armor for early game.

* Add Enchantment Type tooltip
* Shows what type of item can take the enchanted book or scroll

* HCBuckets
    * Full internal rewrite
    * Allow it to support *any* fluid and fluid container
    * Add edge-case for lava, the source is removed but cannot be placed again. Just remove lava from the "fluid whitelist" config if you want normal lava

* HCStumps
    * Add CTM support to visually show stumps
    * Keep track of placed logs so they do not become stumps.
    * Remove the ancient stump blocks (they should not be in any worlds).

* HCChickens
    * Fix implementation
    * After fed with seed they will hatch the next morning

* HCSpawn
    * Improve implementation to give more random spawns
    * Fix bug that made the player sometimes end up back at original spawn.

* HCGlooms
    * Move to a capability, less buggy on the client side.
* Allow dying tanned leather armor.

* Internally update RTFM, cleanup how docs are structured and make the website mirror better along with it.

* Internal Rework of Penalty Status effects.
* Makes HCInjury, HCGloom, HCHunger, and more very configurable.

* Fix millstone ignoring "transparent" blocks like Leaves.

* Fix issue some Planter bugs

* Internal optimizations for cooking pots, kiln and breeding harness - thanks Thiakil