BiblioCraft v2.0.0


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    Jul 29, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions

  • 1.8.9


*Armor stand is now a wooden block that comes in 7 base styles including a framed armor stand that can be used on the Furniture Paneler .
*Bookcase, Shelf, Potion Shelf, Tool Rack, and the Clock now have 3 offset positions that can shift blocks to the center or front of a block. Right click with a screw gun or a hand drill to shift the position.
*Reading glasses now support more blocks and display the text in the HUD instead of the world and now supports revealing more information about certain items on BiblioCraft blocks.
*Shelves and Potion Shelves can now easily be used from the front or back
*Desk Bell has been retextured.
*About 80% of the code for this mod was rewritten from the ground up to support the new rendering system and improve overall code behind the mod. This is the reason BiblioCraft is becoming version 2.0.0.
*All models are now OBJ models and the remaining Java based models were removed.


**Known Issues**
*Due to limitations in Minecraft 1.8,9, the Atlas no long renders overlays onto the map in the world, waypoints can only be seen when the map GUI is open now.
*The armor stand no longer renders the glint effect
*Some of the custom text colors don’t render correctly on the Fancy Sign