**Subseries of this modpack: Arkyo's Gameplay Pack**

 Notice:I seldom browse , I browse more often.

You can consider Beta files as Releases.They act like Releases too.I set it to Beta just because of convenience.


 **I have noticed that 1.10.2 may have some issues when loading in Stage 3


      Reload again should solve it

BigBangMod doesn't have a professional edit like FTB's optimization

(They have their own launcher,they remove certain items in mods to optimize)

BigBangMod doesn't need them!


BigBangMod is designed to be compact , super-densed.

It contains all popular tech mods from Applied Energistics , TConstruct, IC2

and magics like Botania,Blood Magic,Baubles

over to miscellaneous mods like BetterAchievements , BetterTitleScreen etc.

and finally,enhancements like BetterFps , FoamFix, Surge...


Because of the flexibility and unlimited possibilities the modpack could create,the modpack has a total of 90k+ textures! 



I have tried to write a mod (Abandoned) , I understand how difficult it is.For those mod authors,thank you for your hard work on those projects!They have given the community an unforgettable crafting experience in Minecraft!


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