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**Subseries of this modpack: Arkyo's Gameplay Pack , Essentials**


 Notice:I seldom browse , I browse more often.

You can consider Beta files as Releases.They act like Releases too.I set it to Beta just because of convenience.

Ignore the modded version shown in Twitch Launcher. Believe yourself! 


BigBangMod doesn't have a professional edit like FTB's optimization

(They have their own launcher,they remove certain items in mods to optimize)

BigBangMod doesn't need them!


BigBangMod is designed to be compact , super-densed.

It contains all popular tech mods from Applied Energistics , TConstruct, IC2

and magics like Botania,Blood Magic,Baubles

over to miscellaneous mods like BetterAchievements , BetterTitleScreen etc.

and finally,enhancements like BetterFps , FoamFix, Surge...


Because of the flexibility and unlimited possibilities the modpack could create,the modpack has a total of 90k+ textures! 



I have tried to write a mod (Abandoned) , I understand how difficult it is.For those mod authors,thank you for your hard work on those projects!They have given the community an unforgettable crafting experience in Minecraft!


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