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    B6^2 Sky Pack-3.6.0.zip
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    Sep 3, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2


Sky Resources mod added a mode where the recipe grind involved with the combustion heaters have been lessened. I’ve enabled it on the server and the distribution server pack. Let’s see if it helps much or if he should’ve implemented my idea about adding a filter to the heater to control the recipe output and then all you would have to do is throw all the ingredients in the heater and begin smacking the button!


actuallyadditions version 1.10.2-r61.jar removed
actuallyadditions version 1.10.2-r62.jar added

armorplus version 1.10.2- removed
armorplus version 1.10.2- added

bdlib version added
bdlib version removed

better with mods version 0.9-1.10.2-hotfix2.jar removed
better with mods version 0.9.1-1.10.2-hotfix3.jar added

bookshelf version 1.10.2- removed
bookshelf version 1.10.2- added

endercore version 1.10.2- removed
endercore version 1.10.2- added

enderio version 1.10.2- added
enderio version 1.10.2- removed

gendustry version removed
gendustry version added

morph o tool version 1.0-10.jar removed
morph o tool version 1.0-11.jar added

pressure version removed
pressure version added

skyresources version 1.0.4.jar removed 
skyresources version 1.1.0.jar added

You can get my packs by going to http://technicpack.net/profile/893133/modpacks and also for MultiMC and Curse Voice with Minecraft plugin below, the Curse Voice client pack are at http://minecraft.curseforge.com/members/kreezxil/projects.