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Blockbuster is a Minecraft mod which lets you create Minecraft machinimas/roleplays series in singleplayer using NPC body actors. Besides providing basic recording and playback, it also features a lot of miscellaneous features which can help you add some originality to your video, extending your possibilities beyond plain body acting (see Features section).

This mod works with Forge for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12.2 (requires Forge or higher).

Blockbuster mod depends upon Metamorph. Every new change log will specify the version of Metamorph supported. Blockbuster also provides optional integration for Aperture mod.

Recording and playback is based on, and rewritten from scratch, Mocap mod by EchebKeso.


Q: Model block is invisible when I hold it in the hand. How to fix it? (1.12.2)
A: Looks like you're using Optifine D1 or below. Update Optifine to D2 or higher.


Blockbuster mod provides you with lots of features to make cool machinimas/roleplay series:

  • Actors and player recording – the most important feature, as you won't be able to create a machinimas without it. With Blockbuster mod you can record yourself doing things and then playback it using an actor. Recording code has some limitations on which actions it can record. See Blockbuster Wiki for more information about limitations.
  • Director blocks – one actor is good, a crowd of them is even better. Blockbuster mod provides you with a mechanism called director block which manages playback of registered actors. It allows you to record actors. It also has outlets for redstone contraptions, making it easy attaching some custom commands or redstone logic on start or the end of the scene playback.
  • Model block – besides actors, Blockbuster also adds a model block, allowing you placing down custom models or mobs as static props, which allows creating magnificient and immersive scenes. Besides placing them down, you can also hold those models or mobs in your hand (this feature available only in 1.12.2 build of the mod).
  • Aperture support – camera is how you present your machinima. Blockbuster mod has built-in Aperture integration. When Aperture is loaded, Blockbuster mod provides you with some features such as: ability to attach camera profiles to playback button, and previewing director block playback while editing cameras in the camera editor.
  • Custom models – recording only player-like entities limits the originality of your machinimas. Blockbuster mod let's you create custom models using in-game model editor. Unleash your creativity with custom models!
  • OBJ models – beside custom models which can be created with in-game custom model editor, Blockbuster also supports OBJ models on top of custom JSON models!
  • Mobs support – thanks to Metamorph's public API, Blockbuster is capable of using any morphs which Metamorph provides to be used by Blockbuster actors.
  • Minema compatability – thanks to frame-based player recording and cameras, you can convert your in-game machinimas to videos with a press of a button.
  • Green screen features – Blockbuster adds glowing green blocks without any shading and an option to turn the sky fully green which makes it easier creating green screens for post processing of your machinimas.


Install Minecraft Forge, download the latest stable version of jar file for available minecraft version. Also install following mods: Metamorph. Put it in minecraft's mods folder, and launch the game.

After that, Blockbuster mod should be installed and will appear in Minecraft's mods menu. If Blockbuster didn't appear in the mods menu, then something went wrong.


Tutorial videos

Feature videos for 1.4. This playlist shows how to use the mod features. Almost every update comes with a change log video which show out new features.

There's also a video that shows how to create a simple machinima using Blockbuster mod. This video shows basics of director block, how to attach actors to director block, and how to setup cameras:

Machinima Examples

This playlist consists out of videos that I've created a bunch of machinimas during Blockbuster mod testings and just when I felt like. Earlier of those videos are my lab experiments.

For mod reviewers and reposters

When reposting my mod on your own website or reviewing it, please consider following (if you want to support me and my mod):

  • Don't distort the mod name. It's the Blockbuster mod.
  • Make sure that information and description of my mod is legit. Misleading information, like Minecraft version support or non-existent features, is your responsibility.
  • By uploading a custom build of this mod, the build becomes your responsibility.
  • Provide the source link, please. CurseForge page is preferable.
  • Provide a link to my YouTube channel, please. This will be really appreciated!
  • You can use Blockbuster banner or cover for your repost page. Don't apply the watermark, though, that's just rude.

If you're interested in this project, you might as well follow me on any of social media accounts listed below:

YouTube Discord Twitter GitHub

Also, I would really appreciate if you will support me on Patreon!

Become my Patron

Bug reports

If you found a bug, or this mod crashed your game. I'll appreciate if you could report a bug or a crash to me either on issue tracker, on PM or on Twitter. Please, make sure to attach a crash log (pastebin please) and description of a bug or crash and the way to reproduce it. Thanks!


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