Blocked Layers

With this mod you can add simple quests, which allows the player to dig deeper.


The description is valid for 1.7.10-2.0 or higher


A file quests.json will be created in config/BlockedLayers.

You can only break blocks under a layer when you complete all quests on this layer.


Example file:


name: anything you wish, but unique

activity: eat, break, kill, harvest, loot, own, consume, xp, find, craft

object: the thing you want to eat, craft, kill, ...

modID: with vanilla blocks and items it is minecraft

text: a text that describes the quest

layer: any layer you wish (1-255)

meta: usually 0, necessary with blocks, items and skeleton (normal and wither),  -1 for any meta

number: max. 2147483647



eat: self-explaining

break: break blocks

kill: self-explaining

harvest: similiar to break, counts the drops of a block

loot: similiar to kill, counts the drops of an entity

own: have the items in your inventory

consume: similiar to own, but the items disappear

xp: pick up the amount of xp

find: find a biom

craft: craft or smelt items

It is possible to team up with other players (You can disable teams in the config.). Members of a team share their successes.

To join a team use the command /bl team <player> <team>.


"/bl team Notch Masters"



There is a command to reset progress.

/bl reset quest|layer <player> <layer|quest>


"/bl reset quest Dinnerbone deathOfChicken",

"/bl reset layer Dinnerbone 32"

If you reset a layer, all quest on the layer will be reset too.


In the config you can enable the reward feature.

There is the file config/BlockedLayers/rewards.json.

You could add items like "modID:itemID:meta:number" or "oreDictionaryName:number"

By reaching a new layer you get the items.

Example file:


If you want to have a look on your progress, you can open a clipboard with a hotkey (default: L).




  • don't take items from crafting table or furnace with shift. It won't count correctly.
  • you can use the dump function of NEI to see the correct modID and itemID.



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