New Version Coming in April 2019 for 1.12.2 and 1.13!

This mod adds small, block-like creatures into your world that spawn in most grassy areas. They can then be tamed using flowers and are able to perform different tasks for you in the world, as well as gain experience and level up. For example, your blockling will be able to guard you from evil creatures at night, go mining with you deep underground, chop away at trees as well as plant and harvest crops.




If you would like to support me then the best way would be to download the mod or leave some feedback. If that doesn't satisfy your generosity then I also have a Patreon page too :)



I am also doing live development streams on Twitch and have set up a Discord server if you are interested.

Next stream: 22/04/2019 (Mon 22nd April) 14:00 BST

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Guide for Version 4.1.x

To get started, you will need to find a blockling. They spawn in most grassy areas as other animals would do and can be tamed like wolves using flowers (flowers are used for a lot of different things so it is good have a quite a few on hand). Once tamed, you can heal your blockling by feed them flowers. You can also make them sit, follow and wander around by right clicking on them (make sure you don’t have a flower in your hand as it won’t work).

If you shift + right click with a flower in hand, you will be able to pick up your blockling in item form and carry them around. Then just right click on the ground to put them back down as they were.

If you are to shift + right click without a flower you will open the blockling’s interface. You should see a screen with the blockling’s statistics.

You can rename your blockling using the text field in the top right (make sure to press ENTER when done).

Each blockling has 4 skills and tasks they can complete. They can fight, mine ores, chop trees and farm crops and in doing so will gain experience and level up. You can check this information by hovering over each skill (‘Speed’ refers to how fast they can swing their little arms to perform the task).

As they level up they their stats will increase so they become faster and stronger, but this isn’t the only way to better their performance as will be described later.

You can use the 3 buttons at the bottom to change what the blockling is currently doing.

The first button changes the task the blockling is doing between None, Hunting, Mining, Woodcutting and Farming.

If you want your blockling to protect you, you can set guard to yes in the middle.

The last button will change how your blockling moves, just as right clicking normally does. This means you can set the blockling to follow you, sit down or wander around whilst still doing a set task.

Now you may be wondering how that pickaxe got there?

Easy. You can either right click/shift + right click with a tool to equip them with it. Or you can go to the left hand tab to go to the blockling’s inventory.

Here you can equip your blockling with items and access their inventory. When gathering blocks from their tasks the items will end up here where you are able to take them from.

The little A in between the held item slots is for the autoswitch feature. This allows the blockling to change what tool to use (from their inventory) depending on what task they are doing. If you click on it it will change colour. Each colour will change which slots can be swapped out from.

Red = No autoswitching will occur

Blue = Autoswitching will only happen in the left slot/main hand

Yellow = Autoswitching will only happen in the right hand

Green = Autoswitching will happen in both slots, but will prioritise dual wielding for speed

Once you have your blockling geared up and task selected, whenever they are nearby the respective target they will begin work. So if you have them set to hunt, when near an entity they will attack and if you have them set to mine, when near an ore they will mine it.

The last thing you need to know is the array of upgrades you can give to your blockling. These will give them a boost in various aspects of their being and are separated into the 4 categories: Special, Type, Potion and Stat upgrades.

To give them these upgrades you need to navigate upgrades inventory screen.

- Special upgrades go in the top left 2 slots

- Type upgrades go in the top middle slot

- Potion upgrades go in the top right 2 slots

- Stat upgrades go in the bottom slots

If your blockling is to perish, it will drop itself as an item, like when you pick it up, but there is a 33% chance for each upgrade to be destroyed.

Also be sure to check out the config file to tweak things to your liking.



Special Upgrades

Potion effects have a chance to last twice as long when attacking


Increase the distance a blockling can mine by 1 block


Highlights the position of the blockling with the glowing effect


Chance to instantly mine a block


Chance to instantly chop a log


Chance to instantly farm a crop


Type Upgrades

Each changes health, damage and speed depending on type.


Potion Upgrades

Adds a leaping attack to blockling


Attacks inflict poison effect


Attacks inflict slowness effect


Strength increased


Attacks inflict weakness effect


Attacks inflict wither effect


Stat Upgrades

These upgrades need to go in their corresponding slot which can be worked out by shift clicking or matching the middle symbols.

Adds a regeneration effect


Attacks set target on fire


Bursts of insane speed


Bursts of super-fast attacks


Immunity from fire damage (and lava)


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