Blood Arsenal

Hello there! My name is Arcaratus and this is Blood Arsenal, an addon to the Blood Magic mod!


Blood Arsenal adds in a whole variety of different tools and mechanics to supplement and enhance a player's Blood Magic experience. 


It should be noted that like Blood Magic, all recipes can be viewed using JEI (Just Enough Items).


Getting Started

Tired of the standard linear beginnings of early Blood Magic? Blood Arsenal adds in a few nifty tools and toys to make early-game Blood Magic a bit easier! To start, once you obtain the Tier II Blood Altar and the Apprentice's Blood Orb, you can go ahead and break some Glass with Flint in your hand to get some Glass Shards.

Break Glass blocks with Flint in your hand → Glass Shards!


These Glass Shards will prove to be quite useful in creating items such as the Glass Sacrificial Dagger or the Glass Dagger of Sacrifice. These items give a considerably greater amount of LP per operation than the vanilla Blood Magic variants, but with a few side effects...


Glass Sacrificial DaggerGlass Dagger of Sacrifice


If you notice carefully, you might bleed just a slight bit! Bleeding is a status effect that will take a chunk of your health randomly for as long as you bleed. The amount that you lose is also random, but is related to the strength of the Bleeding effect. Don't fret about losing too much life at the Blood Altar though! If you (or anything that's living) bleed near a Blood Altar, a certain amount of the lost life will be dropped in as LP. No sense in wasting perfectly good LP!


Feeling hungry?

A bit drained from all the sacrificing? Need something to get you back up on your feet? NEED SOME SUGAR???!!! I gotcha covered! Blood Arsenal has its very own Blood Oranges, made organically from Orange Dye. Simply toss it into an Altar, let it absorb some LP, and you get a rather refreshing fruit that has a good chance of giving you Regeneration!


Blood Oranges



That's all well and good. But what about tools? Blood Arsenal adds in plenty of tools, such as the starting Blood Infused Wooden Tools. To get them, simply place a log (any log will do) into a Tier II Blood Altar with 5000 LP to get a Blood Infused Log. 


Blood Infused Log


You can use these logs for crafting, or for plain decoration. Here's what they can be used for:


Beginning Blood Arsenal setBlood Infused Wooden Decor


Blood Infused Wooden Tools are quite handy and useful for early game players who don't want to keep replacing their broken tools. The material (Blood Infused Wood) that they are made up of is living and regenerative, and the tools themselves will "grow back" and repair themselves using the holder's Soul Network and a small LP cost. The tools themselves are overall better than stone and up to par with iron.


Glass Is Dangerous


Thankfully, you can utilize that to your advantage, as long as you're careful! Glass Shards can be combined to create a block version that is useful for traps, automated LP collection, and just in general, any place where you need some spikes!


Glass Shard Blocks


These spikes will inflict bleeding and damage any living entity that happens to stroll onto it. Even more useful is the fact that it can go on all six sides of a block! Combine these two properties and you can probably create an early-game LP collection system besides the Altar. Do note however, that entities killed by the spikes or bleeding will drop considerably less mob drops then they would otherwise, so these spikes might not be the best option for a mob drops farm.


Glass Shard TrapAutomated LP Collection


What Comes Next?

If you're ready to progress down the line of Blood Magic and Blood Arsenal, set your sights on Blood Infused Iron! This material is quite a step up from Blood Infused Wood, and the majority of its features are still upcoming and not implemented yet. However, the tools are implemented and it provides a much stronger, and better capability set than the previous tier. Do note however that the costs are also higher than the previous tier.


Blood Infused Iron


* * * Decoration! * * *

Decoration and aesthetics are always a fundamental part of building and design, and Blood Arsenal offers a few (rather cool-looking if I do say so myself :P) blocks that go well with a Blood Magic themed build. As of now, there is Blood Infused Glowstone (which can replace the Glowstone blocks of a Tier III Altar), Blood Infused Iron Blocks, and Blood Stained Glass/Panes along with the previously mentioned Blood Infused Wood blocks. There are also blocks for compressed Slates.


Decor BlocksSlate Blocks



If there weren't Sigils in this mod, it wouldn't be a Blood Magic addon!

  • Sigil of Swimming: This Sigil allows you to swim much more easily underwater, breathe infinitely (for as long as it is active) underwater, and mine blocks much faster. Ideal for players who need to spend a lot of time getting wet and working underwater!
  • Ender Sigil: Perhaps one of the most handy Sigils yet, this Sigil allows you to access your Ender Chest simply by right-clicking in thin air. But that would be pretty stupid if it only did that! Now now, the Ender Sigil's true capability is the ability to teleport the user at whatever they are looking at, just as an Enderman would! Simply shift-right click while looking at a block in the distance, and voila, you're there! That eye is not just for show!
  • Lightning Sigil: Ever wanted to summon lightning wherever, and whenever you want? (Idk why but you do you) Now you can! With the Lightning Sigil, you can point-and-click to spawn lightning wherever you want with a decent amount of LP!
    But wait! The fun doesn't stop there! Shift-right click on this magical piece of stone to switch tiers which in turn changes how much lightning rains down from the sky. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any destruction that results from the poor decisions made while using this.
  • Sigil of Divinity: God-mode achieved! 'Nuff said.
  • Sigil of Augmented Holding: Ran out of space with the normal Sigil of Holding? Fear not, for this Sigil holds a total of Sigils instead of your ordinary 5!

SigilsSigil of Augmented Holding


Wait a minute... there's one more Sigil!

This Sigil is fully intended to change the way players go about their world. Behold....

The Sigil of Sentience


Sigil of Sentience


This Sigil is pretty complicated to describe, so instead of spending a long paragraph doing that, you can watch this self-explanatory video instead!

Don't Tell Me There's More

But there is! Introducing the Altare Aenigmatica! For all your Altar automating needs! This really useful block has a pretty complicated GUI when opened up, so listen carefully! First off, you can place it in any of the 6 directions facing the Blood Altar like so:


Altare Aenigmatica 1Altare Aenigmatica 2


Opening the GUI will yield a pretty complicated arrangement of slots. First and foremost, an Orb that is bound to the player must be right-clicked on the block itself to be bound to the player. Next, put the Orb into the Orb slot of the Altare Aenigmatica. Now, any item you want to have crafted inside of the Blood Altar will go into the 9 slots on the left. The current items within the Altar will be displayed within the Altare Aenigmatica's GUI.


Altare Aenigmatica GUI 1Altare Aenigmatica GUI 2


This block is rather complicated. To start, it assumes two things: The Blood Altar has a consistent input of LP from some source, and that you have some method of pulling out items from the Blood Altar after they are done crafting. These two requirements can be accomplished within Blood Magic itself or with other mods.

The Altare Aenigmatica will by default (with no items in the input buffer) place the linked Orb into the Altar. If any item that can be crafted within the Blood Altar is put inside of the Altare Aenigmatica, it will automatically pull out the Orb, and wait until the Blood Altar has enough LP to craft the itemstack of whatever is in its input buffer. Once the Blood Altar has enough LP, the Altare Aenigmatica will then proceed to put the entire itemstack into the Altar for it to craft. Pretty darn useful eh?



Blood Arsenal has plenty of Baubles integration, however, Baubles is not required for Blood Arsenal to run. 


Here's a quick rundown of the numerous baubles within Blood Arsenal so far:

  • Amulet of Self/Sacrifice: When worn, these will passively collect LP from the respective occurrences of their names (for example the Amulet of Self Sacrifice will collect LP when you take damage). Both have a capacity of 10,000 LP and can be shift-right clicked on the Blood Altar to dump their contents.
  • Soul Pendants: This piece of jewelry functions exactly like a Tartaric Gem, but can be worn in the Amulet slot. Like Tartaric Gems, they can inherit a certain Demon Will type (corrosive, destructive, vengeful, steadfast) and can be used in the Tartaric Forge.
  • Ring of Vampirism: This ring will allow the player to feast on the Life Essence of nearby creatures that are bleeding. Any living entities within a 5 block vicinity that have the Bleeding status effect will return a portion of their lost health to the player.

AmuletsRing of Vampirism


Tinker's Construct

Blood Arsenal has integration with Tinker's Construct adding in Blood Infused Wood as a tool material. Much more is planned with this integration!

Blood infused Wood


Much more is planned for this mod, I just need to get around implementing the ideas!





Can I use this mod in my modpack?

Yes, you don't even need to ask!


Where can I ask questions or suggest content?

You can ask questions right in the comments section, or go down and use one of the methods listed below to contact me. The same can be said for content suggestion, although you can also create a new GitHub issue for content suggestion! 


What else do you do?

I am a regular contributor to Blood Magic, and I also dev Sleep which is a really small mod that simply gives regeneration to players after sleeping.


Can I suggest more questions for this section?

Please do, as I have finally run out of things to write!



Other Links

Twitter: I post updates on whatever I'm working on, and sneak peaks of this mod as well!

GitHub: Here's all the source code for this mod!

Issues: Post issues here!

Patreon: In the unlikely event that you managed to scroll all the way down here and you wish to help contribute to my work, here it is!


I can usually be found hanging out in the #bloodmagic IRC channel if you need to contact me, or just do it via Twitter!


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