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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2
  • 1.12.1
  • 1.12


Some large changes in this one, so I'm marking this as Beta for now and it might crash your world. It shouldn't and has been tested successfully on several worlds.

Backups are always a good idea though!


These two changes warrant the above disclaimer and a minor version update instead of just a revision:
- Allow Bonsai Pots to be painted with dye
- Added support for various soils: Bonsai Pots now need soil for trees to grow on. Not every tree is compatible with every soil and soils can affect the time it takes for a tree to grow and its chances to drop items. JEI will show what sapling grows on what soil and how it affects its drops.


And some minor changes and improvements
- Added support for Terraqueous trees
- Added Tinkers Slime soils and made Slime Trees exclusive to them
- Added a Chorus Tree that can only grow on End Stone
- Added command feedback when generating missing shapes
- Added a simple config GUI
- Improved reloadTrees command to also reload shapes
- Do not force exact placement in the crafting grid (Fixed by samtrion! Thanks.)
- Fixed soil and saplings being used up in creative mode
- Adjusted JEI category to new JEI backgrounds
- Allow cycling through tree shapes in JEI by clicking on the tree
- Allow looking up trees in JEI using Hopping Bonsai Pots as catalyst
- Mip map flickering fixes
- Prevent boosting bonsai trees above 100% progress using bone meal etc
- Block harvesting bonsais between 75% and 100% to prevent accidental harvest before the tree is fully grown