Bookshelf is a core/library mod which adds re-usable code that is used across several different mods. It also provides a few misc tweaks which can be useful for modpacks and servers. 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are not a mod developer, please use the latest release that is NOT a beta or alpha release. The alpha/beta builds are not tested, and may contain changes that break other mods!


This project is sponsored by Nodecraft. Use code Darkhax for 30% off your first month of service!


User Oriented Features

  • Attribute Caps - One unnoticed change in Vanilla is the switch to ranged values for attributes. This affects things like health, attack damage and armor points. This feature raises the cap of every attribute to 1024, and makes each cap configurable. Many mods are not aware of the vanilla caps, and have added content which becomes pointless because of them. This fixes that. 
  • Bookshelves - This adds bookshelves for the other variants of wood in the vanilla game. These bookshelves behave exactly like the vanilla bookshelf, and they are also part of the ore dictionary. This feature was added as more of a joke, but many people like them.
  • Crash Comments - The vanilla game adds witty messages to crash messages. This feature allows you to add your own messages, and remove the vanilla ones all together. Mods can also add their own crash comments. 
  • Additional Ore Dict - Some vanilla stuff should be in the ore dictionary, but they are not. This feature does stuff like make the stone types interchangeable, along with entries for fence gates and beds. 




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