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    Dec 24, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


Merry Christmas!

Chocolate fountains now spawn, containing "Melted Raw Chocolate Mix".
You can process chocolate in the "Chocolate seperator", and the "Chocolate Heat Exchanger"
You can send chocolate off to Santa in exchange for power in the new chocolate engine.
We don't know what Santa does with it. Perhaps its for just in time Christmas presents?

[#3857] Re-added the config option to disallow infinite water pumping. Useful if a finite water mod is installed.
Added a new config option: "display.useSwappableSprites". This disables sprite swapping functionality, which is used by other config options (such as colourblind mode)
Fixes [#3894] Optifine texture incompatibility
Properly added config options for "itemRenderRotation", and "chunkLoaderLevel". The latter is technically just a boolean choice - only the quarry can chunkload at the moment.

Guide book contents JSON files no longer need a title element if they have an item_stack element, as the title will now be the item stack's display name.

The entire oil processing chain just vanished. Odd.
The combustion engine is useless now that all the oil has gone, so it has been removed, forever.
Bugs fixed:

[#3833] Missing lang entry for "Gelled Water" ( and "Water Gelifier" (
[#3853] Pipe item models have the incorrect lighting.
This might be altered in the future, as they are very dark now. Voice feedback on this please!
[#3854] The architect table crashes if placed next to landmarks.
[#3867] The chute inserts into living entities (so players or zombies, for example)
[#3861] The filler has the missing block model in-world.
Some modules accidently had hard dependencies on others when they shouldn't
[#3858] Core depends on Builders
[#3873] Lib depends on Silicon
Silicon depends on factory
[#3874] Crash when breaking the heat exchanger
[#3882] All fluid blocks except for one showed the missing texture.
[#3884] Powering an obsidian transport pipe without any pipe connections crashes.
The heat exchanger doesn't output properly.
[#3925] Gates do not activate/deactivate redstone signals properly for farther blocks.