Burning Sun

A pretty simple mod that makes player burn in sunlight, similar to zombies and skeletons.


This is primarily intended as a gameplay challenge, people have written similar self-constrained challenges but I personally find myself always accidentally breaking them.


If you are interested in using this for a themed modpack or challenge map, it has many config options for tuning and customization.


It also features a "Sun Block" status effect that prevents you from burning in the sun.


Also included is Baubles integration that adds rings that apply the sun block status effect.  This is fully optional and only activates if baubles is detected.


Current Config Options:

  • Whether you burn in the sun or not per dimension
  • A "Hyper Lethal" mode where it applies a (configurable per dimension) amount of damage per tick per dimension
  • Whether helmets block the sun, and if enabled whether they take damage and a configurable multiplier
  • Whether you spawn with Sun Block, and how long it lasts
  • Optional baubles integration with many configuration options


  • Actual sun block potion
  • Enchant that applies sun block?
  • Vampire powers to offset disadvantage?  Maybe other mod potential? 

Requires Shadowfacts' Forgelin

Optionally requires Baubles


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