Camo Suits


Ever been on a PvP server and just wanted to blend in with that tree? Now you can! Camo Suits adds a whole ton of suits designed to let you remain hidden. Works best when combined with my other mod, Hide Names!


  1. Install Forge
  2. Download the latest version
  3. Place the .jar file into the '/mods' folder
  4. Optional, but recommended: install OpenEye, for automatic crash reporting
  5. Optional, but recommended: install ForgeUpdater, for automatic update checking
  6. Run Minecraft!

Bug reporting

Make sure you are on the latest version!
If you are, check to see if someone else has already reported that problem. If no one has, you can create an issue telling me about it. If you are reporting a crash, you MUST include an error log, or I won't be able to fix it.


You are free to use this or any of my mods in a mod pack, as long as you credit me.


If you have any questions about the mod, PLEASE create an issue. They are much easier to keep track of than specific comments.

New suits

Have a texture you want to blend in with? Create an issue telling me what it is, and I'll do my best to make it a reality!




  • Programming: thislooksfun
  • Textures:
    • thislooksfun:
      • Armor textures
      • Armor item texures
    • bigbigreader:
      • Camo textures

Source Code



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