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What is this mod?

Candy World is a mod that adds various food items through world generation, mobs, and crafting recipes.

In the current version, three biomes and four mobs are added which can all be found in the overworld. The mod is still quite early in development, which means there's a lot yet to be added, removed or changed. I'm still figuring out a way to introduce some balance to my mod, because as it is now this mod supplies you with an infinite amount of food as soon as you stumble across one of the new biomes.

There might be still a few bugs in my mod. If you happen to find one, or something that seems unintended, or even just a suggestion, don't hesitate to submit an issue on the issue tracker. The mod should also be compatible with Selim's Submit Issues mod, so you can do it ingame too if you want. :-)



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List of Content/Features

Below is a list which covers most features added by this mod.


The biomes added by this mod are quite hard to come by due to their rarity, but are well worth the search for the near-limitless supply of food they provide.

  • Cotton Candy Plains

    The main food item to be found here is cotton candy. Brownies can also be found here as the soil blocks, and the trunks of the trees are made of candy cane blocks. A pickaxe is recommended to cut down the trees.

  • Chocolate Forest

    Milk, white and dark chocolate are commonly found in this biome, but other items, such as wafer sticks, also generate here. Cookie ore can be found in abundance here, but can also generate in the other biomes added.

  • Gummy Swamp

    This biome is the most colorful one of the bunch, with its five different types of gummy that make up the terrain. Giant gummy worms can be commonly found here. (note: the transluscency of gummy blocks can be disabled in the config or by using fast graphics, since it might cause performance issues)


New mobs can be found in the biomes added, each with their own quirks.

  • Candy Cotton Sheep

    These creatures, which can be found in the candy cotton plains, look like regular sheep, but their fur consists of cotton candy instead of wool. They can be harvested with a stick, and will regrow their fur by eating cotton candy grass or when bone meal is applied to them. Bred with sugar.

  • Easter Chicken

    Native to the chocolate forest, these chickens can lay three types chocolate eggs (milk, white and dark). Feeding them chocolate will accelerate this process. Easter chickens can be bred with wafer sticks.

  • Gummy Mice

    These little creatures inhabit the the gummy swamp, but will try to run away when players get too close.

  • Gummy Bears

    Gummy bears can be found roaming the gummy swamp, although they are a little rarer than their mouse counterpart. Just like the mice, they come in the five colors of gummy commonly found in their habitat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you make a dimension instead of making these biomes generate in the overworld?
A: This is the main feature I am working on right now, but it might still take a while since I am not yet familiar with the way dimensions work in minecraft. I've finally made some progress though, so know I'll get there eventually. The biomes will still generate in the overworld when I finally release the dimension, but probably at a reduced rate.

Q: Can you make a custom liquid like chocolate milk generate in your biomes?
A: Not really, unless I make my own dimension (which I will eventually). While I can change the liquid blocks that generate in my biomes, changing them to a different block would look really ugly near the edges of the biomes (such as rivers), where it would abruptly change to regular water. Making my own type of river wouldn't really help because I cannot control where this would spawn.



  • RiverLeviathan, for the help with the butter texture (I've since changed it a bit, to make it fit in with the other textures more, I hope you don't mind...)


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