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This mod allows you to capture a region containing any blocks or machines, then deploy and undeploy it at will. It is inspired by Dragon Ball capsules.


Download link :
> Please use this link for redistribution to help the mod author !


The following guide is only an overview. For full informations see

This guide is updated for the 1.10.2 version of the mod. For previous versions see the wiki : Version 1.9.4 User guide

Getting started

You first need a capsule base. This is where you can initialize a capsule with it's first content. You'll be able to capture the region on the top of it. Place it somewhere just below what you want to capture, or in a free space and build on top of it.

Cobblestone - Glass Pane - Cobblestone Cobblestone - Compass - Cobblestone Cobblestone - Torch - Cobblesto

"Capture Base" recipe

Then you need to craft at least one empty capsule (the top item is a stone button) :

Empty - Stone Button - Empty Iron - Ender Pearl - Iron Empty - Iron - Empty

"Iron Empty Capsule" recipe, default capture size : 1x1x1

Empty - Stone Button - Empty Gold - Ender Pearl - Gold Empty - Iron - Empty

"Gold Empty Capsule" recipe, default capture size : 3x3x3

Empty - Stone Button - Empty Diamond - Ender Pearl - Diamond Empty - Iron - Empty

"DiamondEmpty Capsule" recipe, default capture size : 5x5x5

Capture the zone defined by the capture base, the capture zone will be visualized when holding the Empty Capsule. Usage (empty capsule) :

  • Right click : activate
  • Right click while activated : throw the capsule.
  • Once the content is captured, the capsule can be deployed or undeployed at will.

Note that all the capsule can be dyed (affect the base color) and labeled (sneak + right click).

Initial Capture

Initial capture

Usage (linked capsule) :

  • Deploy : Right click once to activate, right click again to throw at the preview positions (are ahead not aiming a block).
  • Undeploy : Right click the "Deployed" capsule and the content will be stored again into the capsule, whereever it currently is.
  • Label : Sneak + Right click to open the label editing screen.

Demo deploy / undeploy

Deploy / undeploy


Reward capsules now randomly spawn in dungeon chests. The Reward collection should grow pretty soon. Do you want your structures to be part of the reward content of Capsule ? Submit a "Proposal" of your structure block ! Send the structure nbt file with some description on !


Can I use in my modpack ?

Sure ! Please simply give a link to this page and mention Lythom as the mod author.

If any problem with the mod feel free to PM or to submit an issue

Is this open source ?

Yes, there :


Code, Textures and binaries are licensed under the MIT License.


Pull request are welcome if it fits the capsule feature, but please notify me by PM before coding so that I give you a direct feedback on the PR acceptance chances.



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