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This mod allows you to capture a region containing any blocks or machines, then deploy and undeploy it at will. It is inspired by Dragon Ball capsules.


The following guide is only an overview. For full informations see

This guide is updated for the 1.10.2 version of the mod. For previous versions see the wiki : Version 1.9.4 User guide

Getting started

You first need a capsule base. This is where you can initialize a capsule with it's first content. You'll be able to capture the region on the top of it. Place it somewhere just below what you want to capture, or in a free space and build on top of it.

Cobblestone - Glass Pane - Cobblestone Cobblestone - Compass - Cobblestone Cobblestone - Torch - Cobblesto

"Capture Base" recipe

Then you need to craft at least one empty capsule (the top item is a stone button) :

Empty - Stone Button - Empty Iron - Ender Pearl - Iron Empty - Iron - Empty

"Iron Empty Capsule" recipe, default capture size : 1x1x1

Empty - Stone Button - Empty Gold - Ender Pearl - Gold Empty - Iron - Empty

"Gold Empty Capsule" recipe, default capture size : 3x3x3

Empty - Stone Button - Empty Diamond - Ender Pearl - Diamond Empty - Iron - Empty

"DiamondEmpty Capsule" recipe, default capture size : 5x5x5

Capture the zone defined by the capture base, the capture zone will be visualized when holding the Empty Capsule. Usage (empty capsule) :

  • Right click : activate
  • Right click while activated : throw the capsule.
  • Once the content is captured, the capsule can be deployed or undeployed at will.

Note that all the capsule can be dyed (affect the base color) and labeled (sneak + right click).

Initial Capture

Initial capture

Usage (linked capsule) :

  • Deploy : Right click once to activate, right click again to throw at the preview positions (are ahead not aiming a block).
  • Undeploy : Right click the "Deployed" capsule and the content will be stored again into the capsule, whereever it currently is.
  • Label : Sneak + Right click to open the label editing screen.

Demo deploy / undeploy

Deploy / undeploy


Reward capsules now randomly spawn in dungeon chests. The Reward collection should grow pretty soon. Do you want your structures to be part of the reward content of Capsule ? Submit a "Proposal" of your structure block ! Send the structure nbt file with some description on !


Can I use in my modpack ?

Sure ! Please simply give a link to this page and mention Lythom as the mod author.

If any problem with the mod feel free to PM or to submit an issue

Is this open source ?

Yes, there :


Code, Textures and binaries are licensed under the MIT License.


Pull request are welcome if it fits the capsule feature, but please notify me by PM before coding so that I give you a direct feedback on the PR acceptance chances.



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