Carbonado Ore (aka Black Diamond)

I love making vanilla feeling ores.
And now it's time for the Carbonado  (known as Black Diamond)!

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This description applies to version 1.4.6 of the mod

If you were using the default config in a previous version, please delete the config and let it regenerate.

This mod adds a new ore  found inside bedrock both in the overworld and the nether. It's pretty rare, but in the overworld generates more (since in the nether is easier to remove netherrack). It's recommended to use TNTs to find it but don't worry, it's blast proof.
The ore can be mined only with a Diamond Pickaxe (or any other tool that has the Diamond Pickaxe or more mining level).

You'll extract only the mineral, the bedrock will stay there! For this reason, Silk Touch won't work.


The Statistics of the Tools and Armor are higher than Diamonds. Crafting recipes are always the same.



  • The Full Armor set has 24 Armor Points () (20 in 1.10.2) in And 3 Armor Thoughness
  • Durability is 50% more than Diamond

Tools and Weapons

  • Every Tool has 50% more durability of a Diamond Tool (2343)
  • The Axe has the same Attack Speed of an Diamond Axe (1.0) with more damage (10)
  • Pickaxe, Shovel and Axe are 50% faster than Diamond Tools
  • The Pickaxe is like a Diamond one so can mine Obsidian
  • Wither Skeletons have 5% chance (Increased / Decreased by Difficulty) to spawn left handed with a Carbonado Sword

Shards and Carbonado Reinforced Glass

  • Carbonado shards are useful to create Carbonado Reinforced Glass
  • To get Shards you have to place a Carbonado Block and drop an Anvil on top of it from at least 24 blocks. From higher you drop it, more shards you'll get.
  • Now cook those shards, you'll get Molten Shards (texture by Igrek)
  • One Molten Shard in the center plus 8 Glass around, you'll get 8 Carbonado Reinforced Glass .
  • Carbonado Reinforced Glass has the same properties of normal glass but has more explosion resistance and doesn't let light pass.

Advancements (1.12+ only)

  • The mod has advancements that help the player learn the mod (recipes properly unlock too)
  • The Tinted Window advancement will reward you 100 experience points on completion
  • The Even more dedication advancement will reward you 300 experience points on completion


Configurable Options:

# Configuration file

armor {
    # Armor points for Carbonado Armor (default: [4, 7, 8, 5])
    I:armor_points <

    # Base durability for Carbonado Armor
    # (this value is multiplied by [13, 16, 15, 11] respectively from helmet to boots)
    #  (default: 50)

    # Enchantability for Carbonado Armor (default: 12)

    # Toughness for Carbonado Armor (default: 3.0)

general {
    # Light value removed from actual light that passes through a Carbonado Glass (0-15) (default: 10)

    # Chance for Wither Skeletons to have Carbonado Sword (0.0-100.0) (default: 5.0)

    # If the world's difficulty should affect the chance for a wither skeleton to get a carbonado sword.
    # Normal Difficulty: chance equal to carbonado_wither_chance, Easy Difficulty: half chance, Hard Difficulty: double chance
    #  (default: true)

ore_generation {
    # Ores that try to spawn in a nether chunk, both top and bottom of the nether (default: 4)

    # Ores that try to spawn in a chunk in the overworld (default: 6)

shards {
    # Number of shards dropped at min_height, increased by 1 for each block higher (default: 16)

    # Maximum shards that can drop (default: 192)

    # Anvil minimum height to fall for the carbonado block to be destroyed (default: 24)

    # Set to true to use the horrible, original and old (pre-1.1.1) Molten Shard Texture (default: false)

tools_and_weapon {
    # Base damage for Carbonado Tools and Sword (default: 4.0)

    # Efficency for Carbonado Tools (default: 12.0)

    # Enchantability for Carbonado Tools and Sword (default: 13)

    # Harvest Level for Carbonado Tools
    # (0: Wood/Gold; 1: Stone, 2: Iron, 3: Diamond, 4: Carbonado)
    #  (default: 4)

    # Durability for Carbonado Tools and Sword (default: 2343)


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Don't download this mod from any other website than Curse or the Twitch app. It might be scam and might harm your PC. Check for more infos.


This mod WASN'T made with MCreator


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