CC: Tweaked

CC: Tweaked is a fork of ComputerCraft which aims to provide earlier access to the more experimental and in-development features of the mod. For a more stable experience, I recommend checking out the original mod.


CC: Tweaked does not aim to create a competing fork of ComputerCraft, nor am I planning to take it in in a vastly different direction to the original mod. In fact, CC: Tweaked aims to be a nurturing ground for various features, with a pull request against the original mod being the end goal.

CC: Tweaked also includes many pull requests from the community which have not yet been merged, offering a large number of additional bug fixes and features over the original mod.


CC: Tweaked contains the all features of the latest alpha, as well as numerous bug fixes, performance improvements and several additional features. Whilst a full changelog can be found on the GitHub release page, here's a couple of exciting features:

  • Replace LuaJ with Cobalt.
  • Allow running multiple computers at the same time.
  • Websocket support in the HTTP library.
  • Wired modems and cables act more like multiparts.
  • Add map-like rendering for pocket computers.
  • Allow printed pages and books to be read like maps, and displayed in item frames.
  • Adds the /computercraft command, offering various diagnostic tools for server owners. This allows operators to track which computers are hogging resources, turn on and shutdown multiple computers at once and interact with computers remotely.
  • Add full-block wired modems, allowing one to wrap non-solid peripherals (such as turtles, or chests if Plethora is installed).

One can also find more information about the mod on the corresponding ComputerCraft forums topic.


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