CD4017BE Library

This is not a mod itself. It's a File that contains content which is shared between my mods.


- Items and Blocks are registered here to allow inter-mod access. (Used for recipes)

- API-classes to allow my mods to interact with each other.

- Code templates for Blocks, Items, TileEntities, GUIs, etc.

Used by Mods:

Inductive Automation
Automated Redstone

Default installation for playing:

Just put the file into your mods folder together with the mods that require it.
If multiple mods require different versions of this library always use the newer version.


Mod developement:

It can also be used by other mod developers to enable special compatibillity and interaction with some features of my mods.

Therefore use the -deobf and -sources files under additional files. (there is currently no javadoc for the sourcecode)

Available APIs:

Common APIs: (Package: cd4017be.lib)

BlockItemRegistry -> Contains all items and blocks of my mods registered with their unlocalized names.

Automation APIs: (Package: cd4017be.api.automation)

AutomationRecipes -> used to register Recipes for Automation Machines.

AreaProtect -> used to check which chunks are protected by a Security System. Usefull to allow griefing prevention for world interacting features.

IEnergy -> Interface for tileentities to enable interaction with electricity.

EnergyItemHandler -> Handler for charging/discharging electric items.

(and some more...)


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