Ceramics is a mod designed to increase options early game using clay. Inspired by the clay bucket from Iguana Tinker Tweaks, this mod currently adds seven features to the game:


  • Clay buckets can be used as an early game bucket, transporting cold liquids with ease, but breaking after use with hot liquids. Unlike some other clay bucket mods, these are fully dynamic and will automatically add variants for any mods that use the Forge universal bucket (for example, Tinker Construct).
  • Clay armor, designed as an early game armor. Reason being I tend to entirely skip leather armor early game since by the time you have enough for armor you already have iron.
  • Clay shears are faster, sharper shears that have less durability.
  • Porcelain is a new decorative block that is similar to stained clay, but the colors are more true without the orange tint. It also comes in a brick variant, which has slabs, stairs, and walls.
  • Clay barrels are an extendable liquid storage block. Each barrel holds 4 buckets, and for each block it is extended another 4 buckets are added. It comes in regular clay, all 16 stained colors, and all 16 porcelain colors, and the level can be checked  by right clicking the barrel (1.11+ only) or using a comparator on the bottom block of the barrel.
  • Additional decorative bricks with a slightly more random style. Included is dark, factory-like bricks, golden bricks, end themed bricks, and ocean themed bricks. Each type comes with slab, stair, and wall variants.
  • Brick walls for vanilla bricks, for consistency with the brick types added by this mod. Can be disabled in the config in case another mod also adds this feature.

For more information, read about Ceramics on the official Feed the Beast Wiki. There are more features in the works for later, but for now feel free to use it as a small feature mod.



Feel free to use this mod in a mod pack, provided you give a link back to this page


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