Cerberus 2

This is a 1.12.2 modpack made for and by the Discord group Cerberus, being a newer version you can experience the latest mod updates and also return to the Twilight Forest, we will up upgrading as new mods are re done and new mods are made.


This modpack is a steady modpack to which we will be recording on aswell as available to the public. There is Magic, Machines and building mods in this pack as well as the opportunity to adventure, there are mod to help you build aswell as a whole range of animals to encounter. It is for people who want to have fun, it will be updated with new mods as they become available. So why not join the Cerberus Discord Channel @ https://discord.gg/K94zQ5d and also follow us on Twitter here @CerberusDiscord.


So come with us as we journey and adventure in the world of Cerebus


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