Whips Mod

Have you ever wondered why Minecraft didn't have any mid-ranged weapons? Well so did i and this mod will fix this by adding in whips!

           This mod adds in many mighty whips, capable of doing massive damage with a range of around 10, it is more than enough to kill anything in your path, it also adds in the chain which can also be used to make chain-mail armor.

          Since there was no way to craft chain-mail armor i added in the chain, soon afterword i had inspiration from Indiana Jones and decided to add in whips.

          Seeing as that i had already added chains i decided to add in the chain whip first, which is to be followed by a variety of specialty whips and the normal whip.

          Anyways back to the point i hope that my mod will be very helpful to anyone who is looking for a fun mod that adds in a new weapon, a new item, and makes chain-mail armor craftable.




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