ChaosCraft 2

Abyss, new ores, leveling, utilities and more!




Changelogs are on:


Knife: It harvests leaves very quick and drops BioScrap.
BioScrap: Can be used for fuel in a furnace.
Onyx Ore: Spawns in the nether and wil drop onyx essends.
Chaos Wand: The tiermechanic for the Infusion Altar.
Chaos Wrench: Can pick up TileEntity's.
Mount: A mount can be called by pressing the C button on your keyboard!

ChaosSpawner: Can Spawn mobs and if you put damage modules in it, then it will kill them too!
Wings: If you equip them then you can fly like creative mode!
ChaosTable: Can autocraft and more!
Chaosnomicon: Gives extra information of this mod!

Upgrade: Can upgrade!
Fish: They heal you if you eat them!

Amulet: Sucks stuff to your player!


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