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Supported Minecraft 1.4 Versions

  • 1.4.6


v2.3.0.58 - Update for Minecraft v1.4.6 and IC2-1.112
v2.2.0.52 - Update for IC2-1.110
v2.1.1.51 - Separate out GUI elements for high-res texture pack makers.
v2.1.0.49 - Update for Minecraft v1.4.5 and IC2-1.109 Fixed armour drain.
v2.0.2.47 - Fixed shift-clicking to move upgrades to/from the pad.
v2.0.1.46 - New MFS Upgrade recipe. Wrench ejects inventory. Offensive pads wrench via base.
v2.0.0.45 - Update for Minecraft v1.4.2 and IC2-1.108 (and NEI support)
v1.2.2.43 - Pads now accept IC2 Upgrade Modules + new modules!
v1.1.0.21 - New upgrade kits for existing pads! (suggestion by Monoxide)
v1.0.0.19 - Initial release


Requires: Forge 471+ and IC²-1.112