This CurseForge mod is discontinued! Do not download it from here. Download it from asie's site!


The mod is kept here in order to not utterly break older modpacks running prior versions. It's not supported nor updated. Please do not use this CF download in a modpack if you've read this message.


Charset is a modular mod made by asie. This is just a version for 1.10.

Original charset homepage:

If you're in 1.9.4 or older, go there.


This is not a continuation or a takeover, just a port.



  • ‽ (Lib), Base library

  • | (Pipes), Item transport system
  • * (Tweaks), Gameplay/aesthetic tweaks to vanilla
  • + (Wires), Redstone cabling with analog support
  • & (Gates), Simple redstone gates
  • ♫ (Audio), Tape drives and various audio transport methods (off by default)
  • # (Storage), Things useful for storage (Backpacks, Locks, Barrels, etc.)
  • ⚐ (Decoration), Various decorative objects
  • ! (Drama), Drama generator in Minecraft, Joke module (off by default)
  • / (Wrench), A wrench, which happens to rotate multiparts

Normally modules can be downloaded from the website and meshed into one jar. Since Curse doesn't have that functionality, a config file is added where you can turn them on and off. Note that doing so will only disable the features ingame, not the mod itself from showing up in the mod list.



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