Chunk Pregenerator V1.12-2.0


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    Feb 2, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2
  • 1.12.1
  • 1.12

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8
  • Java 7


New BIG Patch for Chunk Pregen:


The Top Big Changes:

  • Loads of Fixes.
  • Commands Gui which can be accessed inworld from the PregenKey (I) => WorldView => Commands. (Requires Cheats enabled)
  • Preview Gui works with Optifine now and also has multi dimension support.

This is a larger patch with 2 Big new features a lot of stability features.

I hope you like those. I had loads of fun rewriting a lot of things from scratch to make it much better.




Version 2.0:


  • Fixed: Bug with Optifine that would crash worldload.
  • Fixed: Crashing loop with Hotload dimension autorestart system.

Version 2.0 Beta 4:

  • Fixed: A couple bugs with 1.7.10 mods. (Took all day)
  • Fixed: A couple typos in the WorldView.
  • Added: A Fail Option with a warning into the Preview when taking a world so it does not get stuck.
  • Fixed: A couple bugs during ports.
  • Added: A new feature that basically runs a pregen command on every new dimension that was loaded with the onDimensionCreation.txt (For ModPack Makers)

Version 2.0 Beta 3:

  • Fixed The Cacti bug. (Insider)

Version 2.0 Beta 2:

  • Fixed: Seed Text Field now supports continues buttonpresses. (Holding keys down)
  • Fixed: Changing the size of the texture would crash the previewer.
  • Fixed: Switching dimensions without applying size or starting a uncreated dimension without applying size would throw loads of OpenGLErrors because the texture wasn't resized properly.
  • Fixed: Structures that can not actually spawn won't be shown on the Preview
  • Fixed: Gui Scale when reduce scale button is pressed is now reduced properly. (Note if the window is really to small that the scale might be going to small still)
  • Added: Option to Control which dimensions and in which order the dimensions are shown in the Preview UI. And if it should ignore other dimensions too. (Only added for ModPack Makers)
  • Fixed: Changing the seed actually resets the world now if you started pregenerating once
  • Fixed: Tooltips weren't drawn when the world wasn't created

Version 2.0 Beta 1:

  • Fixed: Memory leaks with PostProcessing Only Generation.
  • Removed: Outdated Memory Leak Prevention Systems that was slowing down worldgen speed drastically if reached.
  • Fixed: Server Side Crashes when using certain Pregen UI features.
  • Changed: Reworked all Guis and removed loads of bugs and increased stability drastically (not including the preview gui)
  • Changed: Moved a lot of Gui Code into the Per MC version API. (Less porting work)
  • Added: Sliders have now a Scrollwheel support + when the Ctrl button is pressed it moves by a factor of 10
  • Added: Preview UI now having MultiDimension support
  • Disabled: HighCompression mode because I couldn't get it to work at all
  • Added: Generation Type added.
  • Fixed: Stopping the Pregeneration yourself will break structure view
  • Finished: Rewrite of the Seed Previewer
  • Added: UI For A couple of commands to simplify things.
  • Fixed: A couple bugs that came up during porting.