The Ciprania Modpack

The Ciprania Modpack is a kitchen sink modpack with specific tools for builders and for server admins. The modpack focuses on building by providing quite a few mods that include new and beautiful blocks to build with, such as XTones, Chisels & Bits, Chisel, and many others. Server tools included are FTB Utilities, LagGoggles, Login Shield, and Clumps (which prevents large amounts of XP orbs from forming on the ground). 

Because the pack focuses on building, some cosmetic mods are included for the GUI also, such as Clarity for underwater vision, Blur for a nice effect in the menus, and even informational tools like The One Probe and RPG-Hud.

There is a good selection of both technical and magical mods included. This allows for many different styles of builds to be included on servers running this pack. From using Mekanism for very sci-fi builds to Immersive Engineering for steampunk-ish builds to Botania and Thermal Expansion for everything in between.

RFTools Dimensions is also included, and although it can be played through in a legit manner, the main purpose of it is to create special dimensions for special projects.

Lost Cities is also included as Ciprania is considered a city, so it made sense. There is a special config for it that can be chosen for the world. It makes the cities safe and even mostly lit up. They are also more rare than normal, use Chisel blocks when they can, and have no explosions in them. They are meant to be aesthetic additions to the game.


Changelog (Includes changelog for upcoming updates also)

Pretty Mod List (Does NOT include library mods)


Remove Notes to run this on a server. Should be good after that.

The Ciprania Community

The Ciprania community can be found on Discord at We have been working hard behind the scenes to produce this modpack. And we are a community of people who like to share with others, so we decided to publish this pack on Curse Forge to let other communities in on our special project. We hope you enjoy it as much as we are enjoying making it!



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