You have 24 hours (in game) to save the world, solve quests/sidequest, get hints and win


Clutterford is a map created by

McTsts and EnderPig and booty156156

Tested by Mllster


This map is an indirect Sequel to Warthford - Find Warthford here

An indirect sequel to this map is Mystford - Find Mystford here

This map is a version of Glimford -  Find Glimford here


Recommended for Singleplayer!


If you have played Glimford this might seem familiar. Clutterford is a version of Glimford. Originally the features of Clutterford were added in Glimford update 1.5, but because this made the map way harder the changes were reverted. It is not advised to play Clutterford in multiplayer, because the map will get very 'cluttered' then, hence the name. If you want to play this map in multiplayer try Glimford instead.




- Many Quests and Side Quests

- Different ways to solve quests

- Time System

- Bossfight

- Many Characters

- Different Areas

- Unlockable Places

- Custom Items

- Automatic Reset & Restart

- Time Potions

- Many dead ends in quests

- Character trying to confuse you




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