Colonial Engineers

Due to changes in the direction I wanted to take this pack, most of the following no longer applies:


-This pack has a different progression for early game:

  -Collect sticks from leaves, Plant Fibers from tall-grass, and Flint from gravel, sand, or dirt.

  -Tap the flint on a hard (stone) surface to flake it.  Craft 3 fibers into a Twine. Craft a hatchet to collect wood.

  -DungeonTactics Hammers won't drop anything when breaking stone or cobble.  This is NOT a bug. try them on gravel though.

  -Water is a finite resource. There are however, means to collect it without draining your landscape.

Wells, not diamonds, are the key to getting as close to infinite water as you can get.


Certus Quartz & meteors *should not* generate in the overworld. They are intended to be gated behind space exploration, as are chunk loaders.



Please, DO NOT re-host this pack on other sites or platforms.

Yes, if you want to record/stream this pack go ahead.  If you let me know you are, then I'll do what I can to watch!


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