Script files are placed in "/world/latmod/cmd_scripts/", file name must be "ID.script", can't contain spaces


Command descriptions:

/cmd_script run <ID> - This will run script

/cmd_script terminate_all - This will terminate all currently running scripts

/cmd_script terminate_all [ID] - This will terminate all currently running scripts if their ID matches [ID]

/fillblock <x0> <y0> <z0> <x1> <y1> <z1> <blockID> [metadata] - Fills area with specified block amd/or metadata


Special script commands:
sleep [ticks] - This will freeze script for x ticks. 20 ticks = 1 second

goto [line] - This will jump to line x

exit - This will terminate script

setVar <name> <value> - Variables are integers. You can set variable to number x, or use ~ to add to that number

ifVar <name> <comparator> <value2> [command...] - This will execute command if result is true

Valid comparators are ==, !=, >, <, >= and <=



goto might not alwatys work inside ifVar, yet.

fillblock relative coordinates (with ~) might not work in command blocks / scripts


Planned commands: testfor, testforblock


Example script: ("test.script") - This code will set stone above command block, then after 1 second, set it to air.


say Script started

setblock ~0 ~1 ~0 minecraft:stone
sleep 20

setblock ~0 ~1 ~0 minecraft:air

sleep 20

say Script terminated




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