Complex Crops

Complex crops is now out for 1.12.2! Yay!


This mod adds a several unique crops to Minecraft.  Corn, cucumbers, and rice!  The two-block tall corn crop can be harvested for corn cobs, the cucumber vine for cucumbers, and the water-loving rice crop for rice.  This mod is 1.12.2 singleplayer and multiplayer compatible.

Corn Crop;
Minecraft Two-Block-Tall Corn Growth ModMinecraft Corn on the Cob
The corn crop is a two block tall crop grown by planting corn seeds on farmland.  Harvests yield 1-2 corn cobs and 0-2 corn seeds. Corn cobs restore 2 hunger () and can be crafted to give four corn seeds. They can also be cooked in the furnace to make cooked corn, which restore 5 hunger (). Corn seeds can be smelted to make popcorn, which restores 1 hunger ().

 Cucumber Crop:

Cucumber VineCucumber StemCucumber
The cucumber stem and vine are grown by planting cucumber seeds on farmland.  Make sure the stem is surrounded by blocks so that the vine can grow. Vines grow up to 3 blocks above the stem, just like sugar cane. Harvesting fully grown vines yields 1 cucumber, which restore 4 hunger (). Cucumbers can be crafted to give 4 cucumber seeds.
Cucumber Vine Placement
Here is an example of cucumber plant placement, introducing a totally new aspect to farming. Can you find the most efficient way to grow them?

 Rice Crop:

Rice CropRice
The rice crop is a water crop grown by planting rice directly on top of water.  Harvests yield 1-4 rice. Rice can be eaten to restore 2 hunger ().

Download is available here or in the top right.

Warning: If updating from v3 to v4, backup your worlds.  Because the mod has changed so much, all of the blocks and items are different and must be reloaded!



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