Hey, stranger! Welcome to our super secret laboratory!

Our scientists discovered that advanced materials like [Advanced Alloy] (IC2 wiki link) open big possibilties in making durable weapons and armor. And you are a lucky one who can receive technology of making them!

Key Features

  • New Armor:
    • Composite Armor
      • Colorable!
      • Comes in 3 variations:
        • [1.12.2] Light (Better than Iron, weaker than DIEmond)
        • Medium (Better than DIEmond)
        • [1.12.2] Heavy
      • You can read about stats somewhere below.
    • [1.12.2] Composite Faceplate
  • New Weapons
    • Composite Sword
    • Composite Bow
    • Composite Dagger
    • [1.12.2] Composite Club
    • [1.12.2] Composite Mace
    • [1.12.2] Reinforced Bow
  • Respirators
    • Scuba helmet counterpart. Will refil your oxygen with air cells while diving.
    • Have 3 variations:
      • Half-Mask
      • Mask
      • Composite Mask
  • [1.12.2] Rubber Gasmask (colorable, can do same as respirators)
  • Decorative Clothes (all of them colorable)
    • Warm (compatible with TAN)
      • Balaclava Mask
      • Ushanka Hat
      • Wool Jersey
      • Wool Pants
      • Felt Boots
    • Shemagh Mask
  • Flexible configuration possibilities.
    • Any of mod armor/weapons recipes can be disabled with a configuration file!
    • In mod versions for 1.12.2 you can even edit any of mod recipes because mod uses JSON recipe system introduced in Minecraft 1.12. So json files sitting inside of mod jar.
      • Feel free to make resourcepack and remake all the recipes!
    • Also you can disable enchanting for weapons & armor added by mod.

Composite Light Armor

In 1.12.2 mod version I introduced light version of composite armor. You should craft this armor to upgrade it into heavier version with additional crafting components.


  • Head: +2 protection, +1 toughness
  • Body: +6 protection, +1 toughness
  • Legs: +4 protection, +1 toughness
  • Feet: +2 protection, +1 toughness
  • Enchantability: 12

So protection values it makes it similar to iron armor. But every part grant you +1 toughness. And armor really more durable than iron.

Composite Armor Description

All parameters taken from IC2 composite armor. It makes this armor even better than diamond. It is something between diamond and nano armor. Maybe even better than nano.



  • Head: +3 protection, +2 toughness
  • Body: +9 protection, +2 toughness
  • Legs: +6 protection, +2 toughness
  • Feet: +3 protection, +2 toughness
  • Enchantability: 12

I don't know how often people use Magnetizer from IC2. But it is important to say that my composite armor also marked as metal armor for IC2. It means that it can be used with IC2 elevator made with [Magnetizer] and [Iron Fence].

Planned Features:

  • (Loot Tables) Add armor and weapons as dungeon chest loot.
  • More Weapons (both range and melee)
    • Crossbow
    • Composite Anvil Mace (not a joke)
  • More Armor and Clothes
    • Light Armor
    • Heavy Armor
    • Suicide Bomber Vest
  • Modular armor.
  • Make vanilla armor useless without actually modifying it. I.e. make it inefficient against new weapons. DIEmond armor should DIE! :)
  • Make the mod more standalone and recipes compatible with more mods.
    • Priority - Immersive Engineering.
  • More complex crafting recipes.
  • (Optional) HUD for respirators & gasmasks.
  • (Optional) Armor repairing with a shapeless recipe with alloy plates. Vanilla repair with anvil and experience should die!
  • Advancements (1.12.2+)
  • (Optional) Backstabbing with a dagger (damage bonus).
  • ??? 3D Models for Respirators (1.12.2+)
  • ??? 3D Models for Armor (1.12.2+)
  • Official resourcepack with x32 textures for items.

NOTE: All mods are optional! Integration features are toggleable in config for every mod!

Recommended to install at least one tech mod: IC2, TechReborn or ImmersiveEngineering. Otherwise most of items won't be craftable.


1. You are not allowed republish the mod on any other sites without providing link to Curse project page or my IC2 forum thread.

2. You can include this mod into any modpack. Don't ask me.

But if you publish your modpack somewhere it could be cool if you include link to project page just to let people come here to read some information about this mod.



Integrated mods:

  • Industrial Craft 2: LINK
  • Tech Reborn: LINK
  • Immersive Engineering: LINK
  • AppleCore: LINK
  • Tough As Nails: LINK


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