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THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER COMPLETELY MAINTAINED! It will however still receive updates, but not frequently at all!


Welcome to the Concrete Mod. This mod started as a backport of the concrete blocks from the 17w06a snapshot, but since I added a few features.


This mod contains :

    ° Colored Concrete (from Minecraft 1.12 snapshot 17w06a, often refered to as "vanilla")

    ° Magma Concrete (mix of the concrete and the magma blocks)

    ° Glowstone Concrete (emits light, refered as glow-crete for short)

    ° Redstone Concrete (gives a redstone signal, refered as red-crete for short)


And not only that, but they all* come in the following forms :

    ° Powder (solidifies when touching water)

    ° Solid (see previous point)

    ° Stairs (crafted from solid concrete)

    ° Slabs (from solid too)

    ° Fence and fence gates (requires a special item)

    ° The special item (which is a concrete stick, crafted with 2 solid concrete blocks, like wooden sticks, but you get 8)**


*Besides Red-crete for fences and fence gates, because a block that can be activated with power AND that can give power is a bit weird.


**You can also craft a solid concrete block back with 4 sticks in a 2x2 shape.


You can also type /concrete to display an in-game help menu.


Note: Since version 1.2, it requires another mod to run.


Also, so far, only English (US) and Français (France) are available. So if people could (at least help me to) translate the mod into other languages, I would really appreciate.


And it will be available for 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4, 1.10.2 (prioritized) and 1.11.2.


Screenshots : SOON


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