Do you hate charged creepers? Do you think that lightning is not dangerous enough?

Skeleton Horses are your worst nigthmare?

If so, this mod is made for you!

New Gamerules:

  • lightningProbablity: /gamerule lightningProbability <integer>
    This number means there is 1 chance out of (number) that an EntityLightningBolt spawns when it's raining, setting it to 0 or lower will disable lightning bolts. (default: 100000)

  • lightningFire: /gamerule lightningFire <boolean>
    Enables/disables fire created by ligthning. (default: true)

  • lightningDamage: /gamerule lightningDamage <float>
    Damage dealt by ligthing (default: 5.0)

  • lightningRange: /gamerule lightningRange <double>
    Entites inside this range will be damaged by ligthning (default: 3.0)

  • lightningHorseSpawning: /gamerule lightningHorseSpawning <boolean>
    Should lightning spawn skeleton horses? (default: true)

Setting any of this values to an invalid string such as "covefe" will set it to its default value.


Note to server users: this mod only needs to be on the server side, this means that vanilla players can use the new gamerule as long as the mod is installed on the server.


Mod suggested by CattyCat on minecraft forums(


WARNING: setting the spawn chance under 10 may cause severe FPS lag!


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