Conquest Reforged Resourcepack (v.1.4.1)


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    Oct 14, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2


v1.4.1 Changelog:
-Corner stones connect with corresponding blocks now
-Better foliage leaves fixed
-Small wheat itemblock model fixed
-Round saw ctm fixed
-Tops of carved wood blocks have right texture in the inventory
-Added upside down wood railings to the railing trapdoors
-Modded glassblocks don't show the sides of different glassblocks when placed next to each other now (only will work for modded glassblocks)
-Slab warnings on load fixed
-Disappearing slabs fixed
-Chandelier lights up now
-Rope ctm fixed
-Curtains don't connect with glasspanes and some other blocks now.
-Fences and fencegates connect now
-Catacomb bone top ctm fixed
-Cloud block can be walked through
-Tripwire string particle fixed
-Blue and purple crystal names fixed
-Fixed jungle fencegate texture
-Fixed scroll block top texture
-Normal fencegates have ctm now
-Brick ctm tops fixed
-Tudor top ctm fixed
-Cobble arrow slit now has rock material
-Fixed redstone dust
-Added weapon racks and removed randomized weapon racks
-Weapon racks are now stackable for single blocks with models that are two blocks high. They are also directional and don't act like ironbars
-Most fancy tools are now directional and not web or ironbar models