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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


There's been a few internal changes, so if things break please report them!


Added Storage Drawers support (by Vlaeh)

  • Only actual drawer blocks are supported, controllers can not be connected.

Added Fruit Basket

  • Holds a chest worth of items, basically just to allow more variety in the storage options.

Added Cutting Board

  • Requires Pam's Harvestcraft. Place it on your kitchen to make it available for recipes.

Added Heating Unit

  • Apply it to an oven (via right-click) to power the oven via Forge Energy compatible mods

Added Ice Unit

  • Apply it to a fridge (via right-click) to make it provide infinite snow and ice

Added Preservation Chamber

  • Apply it to a fridge (via right-click) to make it not use up the last item of a slot

Added rendering of water inside the sink

Added new HarvestCraft 1.12r items (by Syndaryl)

Added config option to make counters have twice as much storage space


Made tool racks and spice racks placeable on non-solid blocks (like glass)

Removed the direct item insertion from the spice rack to make it more intuitive to use (clicking will always open GUI now)


Fixed crafting of recipes with tools not working when the tool is damaged

Fixed dyes being used up even if the color already matches

Fixed disallowOvenAutomation having no effect

Fixed crash in some toaster corner cases