Corail Pillar - Extension Biomes O'Plenty

This project hold the extension of "Corail Pillar" mod for Biomes O'Plenty :

There're 2 versions of biomes o'plenty extension : one for 1.12 version (and over), and one for 1.11.2 (and below). You need too the right minecraft version of Corail Pillar.

Obviously, this extension requires Biomes O'Plenty to be able to see the new pillars, but you can run the game without it, because it is a soft dependency (to allow the file to be used for each mc version)

This extension add ~50 pillars.

The following screens doesn't use Optifine or shaders. If you want to share some screen of pillars with others ressource packs (with/without optifine/shaders), you're welcome.

Pillars from Biomes O'Plenty (Sphax for BOP 128x)

Pillars from Biomes O'Plenty (default texture)

NB : on this screen, the pillars can merge with others kind of pillars (release of Corail Pillar 2.0.0+ introduce this feature)


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